Jan 29, 2014; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Milwaukee Bucks forward Ersan Ilyasova (7) drives for the basket during the fourth quarter against the Phoenix Suns at BMO Harris Bradley Center. Phoenix won 126-117. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets interested in Ersan Ilyasova trade

The Milwaukee Bucks have a handful of players who could be changing zip codes come the upcoming NBA trade deadline and that includes forward Ersan Ilyasova.

The veteran has been rumored to be available and according to Basketball Insiders, the Houston Rockets have interest in obtaining the 26-year-old.

There has been talk all season that Houston has eyes for forward Ersan Ilyasova. His numbers on the season have been less than stellar and he is owed a ton of money. It’s unclear if the Bucks would take on one of Houston’s ugly “cash” contracts in order to get out from under Ilyasova but that’s the one to really watch. Milwaukee seems open for business, it remains to be seen how much of the current roster they’d sell.

The problem with such a deal is that the Bucks most likely have little interest in either Jeremy Lin or Omer Asik, making any deal between the two clubs very difficult.

The Bucks are under the salary cap (though only by a million dollars) so they could absorb more salary then they’re sending out, but unless Houston is willing to part with a young player like Patrick Beverly, it seems like finding middle ground on a trade will be difficult.

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  • Jah

    I don’t get the logic of the Rockets’ brass. Are these guys affiliated with some White Nationalist mentality to keep going after a bunch of White boys?? Why IIlaysova?? Why??? This guy has no defense…..don’t you see our bench production comes mostly from White players who sucks?

    First it was Mike Dunleavy now, it’s this Illaysova dude —- where is the competency ???

    Take the game tonite, against the Phoenix Sun. The Suns bench wholly outscored the Rockets bench with Morris leading the pack. Their bench consist of 4 Black talents, and only 2 White boys are in the rotation (Goran Dragic and a PF White boy). The rest of the unit are solid Black talents. It Matters!

    How come the Rockets seems to be the ONLY team in the Western Conference with Championship potentials that keep going after White Players to fill out the bench unit when there is no known success for a 4 to 5 man Bench production of White-boys.

    I’ve seen James Harden throw a perfect alley-hoop pass to Omri Casspi and the fake Jew-boy couldn’t catch-n-dunk and botched the play in a turnover. I know Harden felt embarrassed to have a weak-a** White-boy teammate who plays with no heart, no rhythm whatsoever.

    Against the Suns tonight, Harden fed Donatas Motiejunas on a fast-break. DMO had a clear path to the basket for a dunk. Marcus Morris barely tried to swap the ball and DMO scary-ass feebly lost control of the ball and fell on his back which seemed to be of his own doing. That’s call, WEAKNESS! No heart!

    Later in the 4th quarter, same thing again. I think JLin fed DMO a nice pass by the basket. All DMO had to do was catch, take-a-step, and dunk. Instead, he caught the pass and STOP, and then threw up a soft “toss-shot” which got slapped to the opposing team’ bench. And when the shot got blocked, I saw DMO ducking to not get hit with the ball. Sissified! Straight-up, SISSIFIED. Why didn’t he catch that blocked shot and go up with HEART and agression to slam it home???? Why? I tell you why: White Boys are SOFT!

    I think Les Alexander need to have a talk with Morey about his obsession with White players because if NBA Championship History (in the last 3 years) is any indicator, there is no way we’re going deep in the Playoffs with our Bench currently as constructed: 4 Whites/1 Black.

    We need 4 Blacks/1 White shooter with some defense……or 5 Blacks, as a Bench unit. This is why our Bench is non-existence because of too many White boys:

    JLin (though he’s Asian)
    Parsons ( when he plays with the Bench unit)

    That absolutely SUCKS, man! At least give A.Brook some minutes. He’s a better shooter than Jlin and Casspi, combined! He’s hitting 40% from 3s. What’s the problem??? At least give Covington ALL of Casspi’ minutes. He’s also a better shooter than Casspi and isn’t “robotic” and pitiful like Casspi is. This mess has to stop. Morey need a brain-check if he thinks an all White-boy bench unit will fly in the Playoffs.

    • Todd DelGiudice

      This is about the worst post I’ve ever seen in my life – congrats!

  • mbradleyc

    Throw in the first round pick and we’ll consider it.

  • Adult Supervisor

    These trade speculation articles seem to be popping up all over the place every year before the trade deadline. Has there ever been a sports writer who correctly predicted a trade? I don’t think so.

    This author doesn’t know much about talent. Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin are both better than any player on the Bucks current roster. Patrick Beverly is a good young defensive point guard too, but doesn’t have Lin’s upside. The Rockets would be crazy to trade any of them for Ilyasova. They might be willing to give the Bucks Francisco Garcia or Ronnie Brewer though.