Russell Wilson plans to win multiple Super Bowls with Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks were victorious in Super Bowl XLVIII, with a dominating 43-8 win over the Denver Broncos. Now that the Seahawks have a taste of the first Super Bowl win in franchise history, the team isn’t ready to stop just yet.

If quarterback Russell Wilson gets his way, this year’s win will not be their last taste of Super Bowl glory and he plans to repeat as champions next year.

“When I first got here, I know I mentioned possibly winning multiple Super Bowls,” Wilson said during the team’s victory parade. “The thing that I said was, to win multiple Super Bowls, you’ve got to win the first one first. Our mindset right now, as we’ve been saying all year — us players have been saying, ‘What’s next?’ Our plan is to win another one for you next year.”

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll echoed those wishes.

“It’s just not one year,” Carroll said. “We’re just getting warmed up. . . . We’ll be back again. We’re going to do something special again.”

The Seahawks are a young team and they are in position to have many of their top stars return. And after this past weekend’s big win, there is no reason to believe they won’t be able to accomplish their goal.

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  • 7skuareoff

    Do I think Seattle had the stronger, younger, more athletic
    team in Superbowl XVLIII? Yes. Do I think Seattle won
    because it had the stronger, younger, more athletic
    team in Superbowl XVLIII? A qualified yes. Is Seattle the
    kind of dirty team that Pittsburgh was in the ’70s, out to win
    at any cost, even the injury of other players? No, not That
    kind of dirty.

    Is Seattle a clean team that plays within the boundaries
    proscribed by the NFL Rules committee? No, not by a long
    shot. Can Seattle play clean And win. I think if you took away
    the grabs, jersey pulls and picks of opposing receivers
    after the five yard limit, Seattle would be an ordinary team.
    Opposing receivers would get open in a clean game, Before
    Seattle’s line could get to the opposing QB. In short, if Seattle
    plays by the same rules as everyone else, Seattle loses, just
    like Pittsburgh would have. Seattle and Pittsburgh of the ’70s
    had to play dirty to win, and only their intimidation of the
    referees, allowed them to win..Its’ kind of funny how the

    hawks reflect the owner, and how much they operate alike.

    Whether you’re talking business, politics, or sports, in
    America, it ain’t always the team, person or company that
    plays best, which wins. Often, it’s the one that plays the
    dirtiest. Ask anybody who ever went against Obama,
    IBM, Kodak, Microsoft, the 2013 Seahawks or the ’70s

    I do not want to see the NFL become a ballet with contact
    only after the catch, or the end of a run. On the other hand,
    I don’t want to see it devolve into another grabby handed
    Seattle rugby scrum, either. Just because you can’t keep
    up with a receiver, grabbing him to keep him from getting
    away from you, and blocking him off his route 20 yards
    down field, ain’t the way to play football.

    • Chase Lawhead

      LOL. Spend much time on that? Your bitterness is embarrassing. There was nothing illegal in the Super Bowl or any other game they’ve played. Every team plays to how the officials are calling the game. Get over it. Maybe football isn’t your sport. With the Olympics coming up I suggest checking out a sport called curling. You want see any ‘jersey pulling’ or ‘dirty’ play there.

  • Monzell Lamar Lewis

    Folks quit crying if it’s not legal ref will call it seattles win was an skillful act accept it

    • Chase Lawhead

      There will always be people crying after a Super Bowl. The guy below probably made some stupid bets that he regrets now and it looking for answers. Funny he says all sports in America, the winning team can only win by being dirty. Guess that means whatever team he follows has never won anything.