Troy Aikman: 'Unusual' that the Cowboys don't have a philosophy

With the Seattle Seahawks looking poised to establish themselves as an NFC dynasty, Dallas Cowboys fans are left to wonder when they’ll taste post season success again. Former Cowboys and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman thinks it is unusual that the Cowboys don’t have a philosophy the organization is being structured around.

“I think with winning organizations there are processes that are in place and there is a way to do things, a philosophy, a belief that you have and everything is built around that,” Aikman said, via the Dallas Morning News. “If you take Seattle for instance, if you say ‘hey, what is their philosophy,’ you kind of know what that is. They’re going to play great defense, they’re going to run the football and they draft players who fit the mold of what they’re looking for. I don’t know that the Cowboys…

“The Cowboys tend to change their beliefs each year on what it is they need or what they’re about.  I find that to be somewhat unusual for a club that has been owned by the same owner for however long it’s been.”

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