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Let's Play Fantasy Soccer! Join Our League!

Fantasy soccer is starting up once again, and this year feature yet another league for you to join. This is your invite to join the MLS Multiplex Fantasy League! Just go to MLSSoccer.com, click ‘Fantasy’ at the very top, (or click this link) and log in, or create a new account. Our’s is a private league, so all you’ll need to get in is the Access Code, which can be found below.

League Name: MLS Multiplex Fantasy League

Access Code: 465-84

Remember, it’s completely free to join and play in our league; you will not pay a single penny no matter what.

If you’re new to fantasy soccer, let me just give you the basic guidelines. You’ll start out with a budget of $120 million fake monies. That budget will be spent on 18 players from MLS teams, some costing more because they’re awesome (like Graham Zusi), and some costing less ’cause they don’t produce the same numbers/don’t get on the pitch much. You’ll need fit two goalkeepers, six defenders, six midfielders, and four forwards into your budget, which is easier said than done. Unfortunately, you can’t select all 18 players from Sporting Kansas City, only four members from a club are allowed on your team at one time.

Each week you’ll decide who plays for you. Sometimes you’ll want to drop players to pick up others, that’s fine as long as your budget can fit the new guy. What’s different about fantasy soccer is that the price of the players changes over time. A rookie might not be worth much now, but by the end of the season his value will be much higher. By purchase said rookie at a low price, you can actually increase the value of your team as his price goes up.

After you have your team set up each week, “your” players will do their stuff on the real-life pitch, and how they play gets you points. Goals, assists, minutes, shutouts, and more all play into the point total each player can generate.

Once you create a team, you join more than one league, so join ours first, then your free to be apart of other leagues. That one team will be used in every fantasy league you join (on MLSSoccer.com) so you only have to manage one team.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand it at first; you’ll learn as you go. I started playing just last year. It took a few weeks to get the hang of things, but soon after I started doing a lot better. I didn’t win anything, but that’s besides the point.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me via Twitter using #AskMLSM. I’ll find it.

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