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Aug 30, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe (5) punts against the Houston Texans in the second quarter at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Lawyer of former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe threatening legal action

The relationship between former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe and the organization itself has been rocky ever since Kluwe was released back in May of last year. Kluwe wrote an article, sounding off on a couple person things and took shots at Leslie Frazier, Rick Spielman and Mike Priefer.

He labeled Leslie Frazier and Rick Spielman as ‘cowards’ and Mike Priefer as a bigot. Kluwe was unaware of why he was released, but was confident that it had something to do with his beliefs away from the field. Chris supported same-sex marriage rights, which is great.

Almost everybody in the league should be able to back that up, considering it’s history with some players who were in same sex relationships. Not a lot of them were open about it, but some opened up eventually. According to Kluwe, Frazier continued to ask him if he was going to keep voicing his opinion and showing his support for same sex marriages. Pretty stupid question for a head coach to be asking a player who is doing something good.

Now with Leslie Frazier out of the picture with the Minnesota Vikings, the team announced their 2014 coaching staff which includes a man who made some ignorant comments towards Chris. That man is special teams coordinator, Mike Priefer.

I don’t want to mention what Priefer said to Kluwe, but I can tell you it was very ignorant and immature of him. So with the Minnesota Vikings deciding to continue to roll with Priefer on their coaching staff, Chris Kluwe’s lawyer appears to be threatening the franchise with a lawsuit according to

“It’s almost unimaginable that there’s a pending investigation regarding whether or not this guy engaged in homophobic hate filled behavior and without even a conclusion in the findings they’ve retained this person as a coach, as a leader. It shows that the Vikings are not sincere about this supposed investigations, that it’s a mere charade, and at the end of the day they’re going to cover this up.” Chris Kluwe’s lawyer Clayton Halunen via CBS Sports.

This guy should have been fired already. Priefer’s days with the Vikings could be numbered now that legal action may come into play.

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