Sochi: Alexey Sobolev puts phone number on his helmet


If hotels falling apart, people busting into rooms in the middle of the night and the general air of unease around Sochi isn’t enough excitement for you, Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev has found a novel way of keeping entertained.

The 22-year old Russian has put his phone number on the side of his helmet, just to see what happens.

According to USA Today’s Lindsay Jones, Sobolev has received about 2,000 texts: “I’ve got a collection of pictures,” he said. “It’s really boring in the Olympic Village, you know?” Looks like he might be in for some entertainment, responding to whatever it is people have sent him – especially if it means using some of the 100,000 condoms distributed to the athletes village (apparently Putin was serious about keeping Sochi safe). This isn’t the first time Sobolev has dome something that gained attention in Sochi. His snowboard design looks very similar to members of the band Pussy Riot, who were recently released from jail – after committing the crime of not being nice about Putin.

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