Feb. 29, 2012; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores (left) and president of basketball operations Joe Dumars (right) watch the game against the Charlotte Bobcats at The Palace. Detroit won 109-94. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Joe Dumars could leave Detroit Pistons for Cleveland Cavaliers GM job

There is turmoil in Cleveland with the Cavaliers at the moment but things are not much better over in Detroit with the Pistons. Despite having a roster that looks outstanding on paper, or if you’re playing with it in NBA2K14, the Pistons have been a terrible team this year and are looking to turn things around.

The guy who put the roster together is getting some heat for the lack of performance, but he may not have to put up with the grief much longer. Joe Dumars is still running the Pistons front office, but he could be leaving town to take the Cleveland Cavaliers general manager job if the reported interest in him is real.

Dumars has failed to put a winning team on the court in Detroit for a very long time and his struggle mirror that of the Cavs in a way. He’s had great draft picks to work with but they haven’t seemed to work out and neither have the acquisitions.

The Cavs need major change from the Chris Grant era, and Dumars may be the last name fans want to be hearing at this moment.

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  • Letterman007

    Got to agree, we don’t need Grant junior running the show! That would be a step backwards and Gilbert really needs to hit the jackpot here and now!!!! Someone with a track record of success and not go side ways but UP!!

    • Anthos17

      Joe’s teams may not have delivered in the last 6 years, but to compare him to Grant or call him Grant Jr. is idiotic. He drafts well and trades well to fix his mistakes. Hes got his faults and had recent failures but he’d be a helluva lot better than the Cavs last Gm, whos blown how any top draft picks???

      • Letterman007

        I see and the Pistons are right up there with the Heat and Pacers!!??? Dumars is just as bad as Grant! Grant accumulated first round picks, how many do the Pistons have in the next few years!?? And are they below the salary cap? Why are they looking to jettison Dumars, because he done such a fine job they want to spread his knowledge around???!!! Where are the Pistons in relation to the playoffs??

        • Anthos17

          Riiight…and how many championships does Grant have? Talk to me when you do some homework and find out. You seem to love talking out of the side of your neck, like most slap-happy know-nothings. Also, work on your English a little more before posting nonsense. If you’re gonna post garbage, it should at least be legible.

          • Letterman007

            I see I hit a nerve!! The truth hurts, you don’t do any homework either!! Sorry, but I don’t think either one is all that good!!!

  • arlen

    yeah when he makes bad free agent signings he trades well (gives away 1st round pick in awesome draft) to fix it

    • Anthos17

      Ooooh, you discovered that an professional sports GM made a bad decision. Well, professor, guess what, they all make mistakes. However, they all don’t win championships as a player and a GM. Gimme a break.

  • http://www.kungfumoviemadness.com/ Hamilcar Crosby

    But Joe D has 3 Championships and Cleveland’s organization has how many ?

  • kevinct

    Good! Dumars needs to get the **** out of here! He’s a moron and he’s done nothing positive for this franchise for the last decade.