Seahawks LB thinks they'd have beaten Broncos 90 out of 100 times

Super Bowl XLVIII was one of the most lopsided contests in history, and definitely in recent memory. Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright was asked on Pro Football Talk on NBCSN how many times the Seahawks would win if they replayed the game 100 times, and he had an interesting answer.

“Probably 90,” Wright said.  “I’d probably go 90 out of 100.  They might’ve got lucky those other 10 times.  They’re a good football team but you know the way we play, our style of play most teams just can’t match up with it.  We are really good at what we do, we run the ball really well, we stop the run, and we just out hit guys, so you know most teams just can’t match up with our style of play.”

He also credited the early safety for giving them a boost of confidence and settling their nerves.

“The first play of the game, when they snapped the ball over their head, I was like, ‘All right, man.  We got these boys.’  If you start the game off like that, something’s not right.  When that happened, I was like, ‘All right man, I got my nerves calmed down,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, I believe we got this one.’”

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  • Dan Gaschler

    If you are SO GOOD , why even have a football season ? The seahawks peaked at the right time, kinda like ravens last year, see where they were this year !!

    • Hawks76

      Hawks were SB contenders/favorites before the season, went 13-3 and won the best division in football and trounced the best team in the AFC. They didn’t just get hot at the right time. You should watch some Hawks games, they’re a fun group.

      • Dan Gaschler

        I did brainiac, Broncos were favored too, so there .they shouldn’t have been there, for an overzealous qb on other team (49ers) should not have thrown that pass !!!!! watch real games

    • Joe Gamble

      This is interesting. All season long Seattle leaned on the underdog narrative and complained that no one was taking them seriously. Now that the cat is out of the bag the story has shifted- now they’re being crowned a dynasty and I’m hearing soundbite after soundbite from the players about how unbeatable they are. If I’m running the program in Seattle I don’t know if that’s the attitude I’m comfortable being broadcast. Will definitely be interested to see if they can continue to back it up…