Feb 5, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks secondary players of the Legion of Boom at Super Bowl XLVIII victory parade on 4th Avenue. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks play 'Guess Lindsay Czarniak's Weight' on SportsCenter (video)

It seems like being a Super Bowl champion earns you a lot of perks. You get to have a giant parade thrown in your honor. You get to wear an awesome championship ring for the rest of your life. And you get to go on ESPN’s SportsCenter to pick up a pregnant news anchor and guess how much she weighs.

Wait, what?

The folks at For the Win passed this video along earlier today after redditor mikeyswoosh posted it on r/Seahawks. As you can probably guess from the title of this post, it features four members of the Seattle Seahawks lifting up pregnant anchor Lindsay Czarniak in an attempt to guess how much she weighs.

Warning: the footage is about as uncomfortable and awkward as you think it will be.

Personally, I’m really excited to watch First Take on Monday morning to hear Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate whether Time Tebow would have guessed Czarniak’s weight correctly. Can he be a legitimate starting weight-guesser in this league, or is he just a one-trick pony?

[Source: For the Win]

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