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Boston Celtics grant wish of young, nearly-blind New Zealand fan

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Louis Corbett, a twelve year old from New Zealand suffers from a rare genetic eye disease called retinitus pigmentosa.

In short, the disease causes severe vision impairment and will eventually force Corbett (and his two younger siblings) to lose their vision completely.

Louis, a Boston Celtics fan, is unfortunately already in the process of losing his sight and was featured in a Weekend Herald piece in hopes of bringing attention to the medical condition. That’s when Wycliffe and Corrine Grousbeck, owners of the Celtics got word of Corbett’s situation.

The Grousbeck’s have a son of their own who is blind and wanting to help the young fan before permanent blindness sets in, they decided to fly Louis and his family some nine thousand miles to Boston where he could watch his favorite team in person.

In a joint statement to the Herald yesterday, they said: “We found out about Louis through the magic of social media and the fact that some of our followers knew about our connection to Perkins and tweeted the article to us.”

They have offered to pay for Louis to travel to the US to watch a game.

Louis’ parents have been doing what they could in recent months to help the young man see the globe. Pretty sure this will rank towards the top of the list.

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