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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confident LB Bruce Carter can still be ‘outstanding’

The Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones are confident that linebacker Bruce Carter is a fit in their new 4-3 defense at the weak-side position.

“He’s working at it, though. We saw things, there’s an old adage, if you’ve seen him do it a few times, you know they can do it at least and you go from there,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “We know he can do what this defense calls for and be outstanding. We have some real reasons to be excited about him and certainly he’d be the first to say that he had some things that he’d like to take back.

“Overall, he’s got a future here … and that’s a positive. It’s not a condition, he’s going to become more of a pro and more understanding about the kind of commitment and the kind of detail and preparation it takes and he’ll be a lot better for it. He’s got the other stuff that nobody can coach, and that is speed and physical assets.”

Carter struggled in pass coverage and the Tampa 2 scheme of Kiffin. Now that the Cowboys are on their third defensive coordinator in three years, Carter has an opportunity to fit into a new defensive scheme.

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  • Old Frog

    I have a question. If everybody thinks JJ is too proactive and spends too much time in the media when compared to other owners and GMs, why do the staff writers and announcers keep giving him a platform? Why not just black ball him and insist on talking to the coaches only? Wouldn’t it be a hoot to hear Mickey Spag say, “sorry, Jerry. No more interviews with you…send us the coaches.”

    • Jimmy DeMarco

      Probably the most well thought out & educated question anyone has ever asked when speaking of Jerry Jones.

  • SmartThinking

    Carter was terrible! Tentative. Out of position. Slow to react.

    If Jones is going to continue playing GM, he better make sure Carter gets the message or this team’s in for another long, cruel season on defense, again.