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NBA looking to integrate viewing with Twitter

Are you ever scrolling through your timeline on Twitter and realize that you’re missing a close and exciting finish to a game. Maybe you’re too far away from a television to catch it in time or maybe you can’t find the channel, and you end up missing it, forced to catch highlights on SportsCenter.

New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver feels your pain and is looking to expand coverage of the NBA to include mobile devices and social media.

From ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

“Our goal is to do the best possible deal for the league and its fans and money is of course one component but also the breath of the distribution, how we handle new technologies, the ease in which fans can receive games,” Silver said. “It frustrates me sometimes that our broadband package isn’t All-You-Can-Eat, one price for one package.

A trip last week to both Facebook and Twitter, got Silver excited for the future.

“If someone tweets ‘Barn Burner. Knicks-OKC game. 2 minutes to go,’ you should see that and then the game comes up live,” Silver said. “We are going to charge for our premium content, but right now it’s very cumbersome. It’s not consumer friendly. I think ultimately we know the demand is out there for those products and it’s complicated ecostructure of rights holders, but it’s something that we should be able to figure out.”

Or in more layman’s terms:

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