Jan 13, 2014; New Orleans, LA, USA; San Antonio Spurs small forward Kawhi Leonard (2) reacts after hitting a three point basket against the New Orleans Pelicans during the second half of a game at the New Orleans Arena. The Spurs defeated the Pelicans 101-95. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: San Antonio Spurs could be active at deadline, trade Kawhi Leonard

The NBA trade deadline is approaching fast which  means that teams all over the NBA are going to be looking at potential deals that they can make to boost their roster. Not everyone is in a trade frenzy though as plenty of teams sit it out and simply watch the circus like the rest of us.

One of those teams typically is the San Antonio Spurs but the team may end up being active at the deadline. They’re usually a quiet team but there are rumblings that they might make a move if they can get substantial return for Kawhi Leonard.

Per Sam Amico from FOX Sports:

The defending Western Conference champions have struggled mightily against the league’s elite — and with age continuing to inhibit the likes of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and especially, Tim Duncan, the Spurs could be looking to make a move. None of the aforementioned, of course, are on the block. But forward Kawhi Leonard could be, provided the returns are fabulous.

It’s not a lock that the Spurs will be active, but if they feel they can’t return to the NBA Finals without making a move, they may make one. Still, it’s a long shot and the return needs to be substantial for Leonard and that just might not happen.

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  • minerva9

    Don’t hold your breath. Kawhi’s not going anywhere.

  • CommonGuy12

    Unless you get a boneheaded deal like the Memphis Grizzilies did with Lakers when they gave up Pau Gasol, why would you give up Leonard?

  • Steve Potts

    Kawhi is the future of the franchise. Pop traded away his favorite player in George Hill to get him. No way do the Spurs trade away their future for a shot this year.

    • chris campbell

      this is pure conjecture on the part of the writer. There are no rumblings other than his own, in order to create content and justify his employment. If this were remotely credible it would have been reported by adrian wojerowski, ken cerger stephen a smith, or any other more esteemed informed media. He has no clue as to the machinations of the spurs. What else is he going to write about.

  • tristan

    im glad im not the only one who was like hellllllllll no when they saw kawhi’s name lol….trading kawhi would be pretty counter productive and his low salary wouldnt get us a better player than kawhi for that kind of money lol…thats not happening…i do think the spurs will make a trade though, but one that makes much more sense than trading kawhi…lol…and i was mad when we traded george hill for him, but now id be mad if we traded him lol

  • bevo86

    Yeah right, why on Earth would the Spurs do that? If anything, this season has shown that the Spurs need more youth, length, and athleticism; Kawhi is the only person on the team that fits that description, and he’s one of the reasons that their defense was doing so well (before he got injured). If the Spurs make a move, it should be to get more depth at SF, and/or to add a young and athletic PF/C. In my opinion, picking up Greg Monroe or Kenneth Faried would be fantastic, but probably unrealistic. However, Taj Gibson is potentially a nice alternative.

  • Little Steve

    So the Spurs will move one of the top ten threes in the game on his rookie contract, for…. who? Who could you get that would be better than Leonard? Lebron? Melo? Good luck making those Salaries match… I’d rather keep Leonard with his mad defensive skills, good offense, high ceiling, and crazy low price. It’s not like the Spurs value any of that… He is also the only true three on the team…

  • Bang Pow Boom

    Kahwi ain’t leaving. . Stupid writer