Sochi Olympics: Female speed skaters thong shows through suit (Photo)

Olympic athletes skate around the Sochi Olympic ice rink during a women’s short track event. Sochi, Russia. Property: USA Today Sports

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics aren’t just becoming the Olympics of botched hotel accommodations, they’re quickly becoming the Olympics of wardrobe malfunctions.

Or maybe I should say near wardrobe malfunctions.

As you’ll likely recall, a few days ago, Russian speed skater Ulga Graf unzipped her suit as she skated around during her celebratory lap, completely forgetting she had nothing on underneath. Thankfully nothing catastrophic happened and Graf didn’t experience complete embarrassment – though she did grab headlines.

That wasn’t the only speed skating wardrobe issue in recent days though as a Japanese speed skater seemed to have a bit of a problem with her thong. The issue? It was completely visible through her suit.

With just fractions of seconds often deciding races, speed skaters do everything they can to gain a competitive advantage – even as going as far to wind test their suits years before the games. Maybe this speed skater was opting to go with the more traditional idea of distraction?

Seriously – they couldn’t have done something about that? Like, you know, find a matching color? Or built something into the suit?


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  • flyb

    OMG I CAN SEE HER UNDERWEAR!!1! I’VE NEVER SEEN WOMEN’S UNDERWEAR BEFOURRR!!12! Female figure skaters wear skimpier outfits (compared to these speed skater unis) showing much more than this when they do their routines. Perhaps some journalists’ prudish sensibilities are bruised? And speaking of journalism, this “Japanese speed skater” has a name. Like, you know, include it in the piece?

  • mcmillke

    That’s just the cut of the Mizuno speedskating suits… unless all the German’s and Japanese, men and women, wear the exact same thongs. Wouldn’t rule it out, bit it’s unlikely ;)