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Michael Irvin thinks NFL players should be mature enough to handle Sam

Everyone involved in the NFL is seemingly weighing in on Missouri defensive end Michael Sam. Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin weighed in on it and said the NFL should be mature enough to handle it if his college could.

“The college athletes at Mizzou, they handled it perfectly,” Irvin said on the Arsenio Hall Show, via the Dallas Morning News. “He told them before the season. In the SEC, you never heard about this. The very definition of a locker room is saying, ‘Hey man, I got your back. You can count on me. I give you my word.’ And that’s exactly what those guys did. They had his back, they counted on him. I think that’s what gave him the strength to come forward.

“Now, I would hate to think grown men in an NFL locker room are going to be less mature than those kids in college.”

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