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Miguel Cabrera says no contract extension talks at the moment

There is an interesting trend in Major League Baseball at the moment. Big name players, even those who are inconsistent or unproven, simply do not hit free agency anymore. In that context, there is essentially no risk that Miguel Cabrera, the best hitter on the planet, will leave the Detroit Tigers or ever hit the market.

At some point during the next two years, a deal will get done. It’s just a matter of when, how much money, and how many years. As for now, Cabrera says that there are no talks of an extension. Jason Beck of reports the following:

When asked if he has talked with his agents about a contract extension, Cabrera said there hasn’t been anything going on. He also said, though, that he isn’t worried about it right now. With two years left on his deal, he said, they have time. At some point, there will be more urgency than this, but not now.”

What else is there to say about Cabrera’s production the last couple seasons? His 2013 numbers were better than his Triple Crown winning 2012 numbers: .348/.442/.636. That means he improved on the numbers from when he won the freaking Triple Crown, and his production just stands to continue improving now that he’s moving back to first base.

Whenever an extension comes, it will be big, and rightfully so. But as of now, there’s nothing happening with Cabrera and the Tigers.

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