Oct 21, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman (12) drops back to pass against the New York Giants during the first half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Josh Freeman to be Oakland Raiders starting quarterback?

The Oakland Raiders have been rumored to be potential suitors for free agent quarterback Josh Freeman and insider Scott Bair may have just thrown fuel on that fire.

Freeman, who spent last season split between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Minnesota Vikings was absolutely awful when on the field, which probably doesn’t have Raider Nation feeling very good considering Bair believes the former Kansas State product will be Oakland’s starting quarterback for the 2014 season.

The CSN Bay Area scribe was holding his weekly chat and when asked who he felt would be under center for Oakland for the upcoming season, he didn’t hesitate in suggesting Freeman.

Comment From Telegraph Hill Season opening starting QB is…
Scott Bair: Josh Freeman.

For what it’s worth, Bair suggests he’s just going from his gut – but he’s a reporter with very close ties to the team, so his opinion/view shouldn’t be thrown by the wayside.

Bair goes on to suggest Oakland was very interested in Freeman this season, but wasn’t able to strike a deal with the veteran once he was released by Tampa.

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  • Bob

    This move would assure that I don’t buy tickets next year. This is another Matt Flynn move and sets the team back again.

    • Pridenpoise

      Agree, enough of the washed up trash that nobody else can find a use for, the Raiders might as well sink or swim with a young arm, if that’s a draft pick so be it, I’m tired of watching retreads try and resurrect their careers at the expense of my team, and my sanity.

      • Raider Grant

        Agreed! Quit messing with our emotions already. Barring any injury to him during next season; I would say wait & go all in on Marcus Mariota. Mariota is a passer first, but can run with best of em. Raider Nation for life!

  • MartyCalderon

    If they can find a way to get Bridgewater and have Freeman start the season, I’m game. I think Bridgewater will be a great QB, and I really, really hope the Raiders find a way to pick him up. If not, Derek Carr in the second round. Freeman I think on a 1-2 year contract and little money might be worth it, if the right young QB is backing him up.

  • 757Raiderfan

    I’m always terrified when they start talking about Raiders QBs we haven’t exactly been strong in that category lately. I still believe Mcgloin could be good with more weapons but who knows.

    • Stanley Carr

      Mcgarbage sucks u must have been watching cartoons when he was throwing all of those picks!!

      • Don

        He throws the ball on time and better than Pryor. A rookie trying to make plays because the defense gave up lots of points.

        • Stanley Carr

          Yeah that’s d problem he throws to the first option whether they r covered r not… I’m not trying to convince u of anything u have your opinion n I have mine

  • Silvia Arredondo

    Thats BS! He is another bust! I rather sign a Vet QB!

  • TribalX

    Another baseless article by BRYAN ROSE. No facts.

  • Ervin Barrentine

    Love this move we can get him cheap won’t hurt us at all . He is only 25

  • Charlie

    Is Plunkett available?

  • RaiderCraig

    Okay, Josh Freeman may not be the sexiest of names, but please for all the McKenzie bashers out there, offer a better solution for next year. IMHO, there are pretty much only 3 FA QB’s that have a chance to start (Freeman, Cassell and Vick). I think Freeman has the biggest upside of all of them, plus he was pretty successful in Tampa Bay in ’10 and ’11 when Greg Olson was his OC. Maybe we’ll choose a QB with the #5 pick, but with 3 of the 4 teams picking ahead of us needing QB’s, Bortles, Manziel and Bridgewater may all be long gone. I think the fact that Freeman has had problems and a couple of bad years, his price will be right and gives us a chance to maybe draft a project QB later in the draft and address some other needs.