December 29, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) passes the football against the Denver Broncos during the first quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Terrelle Pryor has ‘no future’ with Oakland Raiders

It appears there will be some wholesale changes at the quarterback position for the Oakland Raiders in 2014, at least, that’s the word from beat writer Scott Bair.

The CSN Bay Area insider held his weekly chat recently and in addition to suggesting that Josh Freeman would be the Raiders starting quarterback in 2014, also suggested that Terrelle Pryor has no future with the Raiders organization as a quarterback.

It’s very clear Pryor doesn’t have a future as a QB here.

Bair also went on to hint that it’s very possible that Pryor won’t be on the Raiders come training camp.

Understandably, the team will do everything they can to trade him if they don’t plan on keeping him, but they’re going to struggle to find a taker who will give up anything of value. Yes, he’s still just 24-years-old and yes, he had a very hot start to the season but the market just isn’t there.

Speculation is that the Raiders will likely be successful in obtaining a late-round pick for Pryor, but they won’t secure anything near a third-round pick, which Pryor originally cost them.

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  • Chris Marsh

    Some body has to let Pryor play Quaterback !!! The 1st person that does will be rewarded with wins !

    • DelRoy Waters

      He Can’t Throw. To be a QB in the NFL throwing has to come natural you can’t just learn it while you’re in it. We will not win with TP he’s not a QB

      • Chris Marsh

        Oakland isn’t winning with him not starting . They have him . Play him for a season , or half a season to give him a chance . He has great sense for the game . Sometimes great players aren’t the biggest or fastest , but they sense the game . Give him a chance !

  • James Holtslander

    Adding to what Chris said, give him a suitable OL , the. Let him play QB

  • Anthony Rosales Sr.

    What a shame…. Very talented.

  • Brian Huth

    This from a beat writer. I’m sure Reggie has Bair on speed dial and tells him his innermost thoughts. Thats how GMs roll.

  • Brian Huth

    I see this so-called insider missed the Kory Sheets signing.

  • Silvia Arredondo

    The Freeman rumor is BS and Pryor can be a good QB if he is given the right tools like Wilson. Wilson hardly threw the ball but he has a reliable RB.

  • TribalX

    So where are the facts to back this stuff up?

  • Raider Grant

    Rather give Pryor another shot with a better line then sign Freeman. If Pryor goes hopefully he goes to eagles as Chip Kelly brings the best out of his personnel, especially his QB’s. Raider need to go all in on Marcus Mariota next year barring any injuries during his final year of college ball.Go Raiderrrrs

  • Kevin Hubley

    Dumbest article ever. You trade away Pryor you trade away the best work ethic on the team. A guy that I saw get better with every game until he played with a o line made up of guys hired off bar stools. Give the guy some weapons and some time in the pocket and he will be great. Or they can trade him away for a late round pick and watch some other team go to the playoffs while we keep the qb drama going for a few years. He’s way better than Jamaica Russell and we gave him three or four seasons. Give the kid a chance to be great

    • J K

      Young Mr Pryor has shown enough class that he warrants a place on the team. There is room for him as a back up or change of pace ” Wildcat” position.

      I don’t want to lose this guy and still think there is great potential in him. This goes beyond Reggie and right on a Mark Davis’ decision !

      • friendship220

        Davis should tell whoever is making the day to day personnel decisions that Pryor must be kept.

    • friendship220

      I have heard good things about his work ethic, but it’s not something I can see. What I can see is that Pryor is really big and really really fast. Bigger and faster than anybody, pretty much. And that’s really important in football. There are a lot of foot races in football. WRs try to outrun CBs on pretty much every passing play. Being bigger and faster simply is really really important. In running, being bigger and faster makes you the best, pretty much. And we have that guy, Pryor. I have seen any indication at all from Raiders that they don’t like Pryor. Maybe these Raider journalists are 9er fans, who want to see the Raiders fail. I have no idea why any rational person would think that the biggest fastest QB, breaking TD rush records, having the best passing game as Raider since Gannon, would be someone that the Raiders would consider getting rid of. They should sign Pryor to as long term a contract as possible as soon as possible. There are very few positions on the field he couldn’t play. QB is the best one, but if he was rushing the passer on a 3rd and 15, he’d get some sacks, some passes defended.

  • MartyCalderon

    Not saying Pryor should be QB, but when he had the ball in his hands magic happened. The Raiders need playmakers badly, and Pryor was a playmaker. There has to be a way to get the ball in his hands to make stuff happen. I mean, any good HC would find a way to get a play that talented the ball.

    • friendship220

      Although I’d say Pryor should be QB, yes, any way to get the ball in Pryor’s hands, running, is a good football play. QB is an ideal position, because QBs always get the ball. Pryor can simply out run almost everyone on the field. That’s a good football play. He was a first year starter last year, has only 10 career starts. Yet he’s done quite a lot of good stuff in those 10 starts. Breaking NFL QB TD record? In one of his first 10 starts. Best passer rating, Raider, since Gannon, 135.7. Both wins, one over a playoff team, the other over a 500 team.

      Yes, any good HC would find a way to design an offense around Pryor. I can see that before last season, they might want to hedge their bets, to take a QB who, in their opinion at least, would be sufficient. He wasn’t sufficient, and Pryor got to play, in an offense designed for Flynn, and did very well. Got wins. A win over a playoff team. Only losses when he didn’t have a sprained MCL were to playoff teams. And the line was hurt when Pryor was in, when he went 3-3.

      Just copy what the Seahawks did, they just won the Super Bowl with a running QB. And focus on designing innovative Pryor run plays. Take them from college, or the Packer sweep.

  • Ervin Barrentine

    Like Freeman and Pryor both on the roster.

    • friendship220

      Vick and Pryor on the field at the same time.


  • friendship220

    This guy puts no future in quotes, and he’s quoting Scott Bair. What kind of BS is this?

    Pryor is worth 2 1st round picks. Not a 7th. If you have RGIII, Wilson, Newton, Kaepernick, you’re screwed if you lose your QB, or at least you have a radically different offense. Pryor is a better runner than those running QBs. They know full well that Pryor is any one of those teams would want Pryor as a backup. He’s gotten the job done. Was 3-3 until he got hurt in the Eagles game. Healthy, only lost to playoff teams, and 2 of those games were close until less than 5 minutes left in the game. And the oline, which many have called bad under the circumstances, had Brisiel at Center in the 2nd half of the Chiefs game. Yet, with all that, a 3rd string line, against a playoff team, the Raiders were close until the end. And that’s a game that is pointed to as a Pryor low point. Yes, no doubt, the 2nd half of that game had a lot of unpleasant plays, but Pryor kept fighting, and the Raiders were down 14-7 with 4:09 left in the game when Pryor threw a pick and the Chiefs put the game away.

    People suggest Freeman. His passer rating was worse than Pryor’s last year. He’s been in the league a while, and has mostly sucked. Greg Olson is the same way, been in the league a while, and has mostly sucked. Sparano took the Dolphins to the playoffs after a 1-15 season in his first year of head coaching. With the wildcat, which he brought to the NFL. I vote for Sparano over Olson. They can keep their job titles, but Sparano should be making the decisions. Wilson just won the Super Bowl. The Seahawks ran more than they threw. Raiders should do that – run first offense, just like Seattle, but with the best running QB, Pryor.

    Pryor has been inconsistent with his passing, but he did have the best passing game, passer rating wise, of a Raider since Gannon, against the playoff bound Chargers no less, with a 135.7.

    There’s no question about whether or not Pryor can be a good passer. He’s proven it. He doesn’t every game, but he’s also proven he can win, even when he isn’t passing well.

    McGloin is just inadequate. Trained well by Bill O’Brien though, at Penn State, making the most of his limited physical capabilities. But losing all the time. And that’s because he simply isn’t as good as Pryor. And there’s not point in arguing about whether McGloin is a slightly better passer or Pryor is a slightly better passer. Because Pryor is a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better runner.

    Running well does matter. Russell Wilson just won a Super Bowl. Wilson was 3rd in the league in QB rushing yards. Pryor was 2nd. We have the BEST at running. It’s not often that you can get the best at something. Pryor is the BEST at running, and SOMETIMES is the BEST Raider since Gannon at passing. You take that. You keep that. You build your team around that.