Dec 15, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallett (15) takes the field before a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Trade Rumors: Minnesota Vikings eyeing Ryan Mallet trade

The Minnesota Vikings have been looking for direction at quarterback but they’ve done nothing but get lost. From Christian Ponder to Matt Cassel, Josh Freeman and beyond, the Vikings haven’s had direction at quarterback since Brett Favre gave them a miracle season in 2009.

Since then, the Vikings have struggled to find a quarterback but they remain determined to find one. This has blogger Ben Goessling pointing out thaw fact that New England Patriots backup Ryan Mallet makes a lot of sense for the Vikings in an offseason trade.

Ryan Mallett has only thrown four passes in the NFL. The Vikings would have had a chance to evaluate Mallett before the 2011 draft, when they took Christian Ponder, though three years learning behind Tom Brady can do wonders for a player’s stock (it certainly helped Cassel when he got his chance to prove himself in 2008). Mallett and Adrian Peterson have a friendly relationship through a mutual coaching connection, and Vikings general manager Rick Spielman has done a number of deals with the Patriots. If the Patriots were open to moving him, it’s possible the Vikings could take a look.

The Vikings were actually interested in Mallet the year they drafted which means this deal could be a lot more likely to happen than most are giving it credit.

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  • Clint Ronnenberg

    Cassel was actually a good option, so you missed on that one. The main problem with them is their defense – the offense ranked 13th in the league last season. Re-sign Cassel and improve the defense and they’re contending for the division title.

    • David Barnes

      Your obviously not a vikings fan. Cassel sucks ponder sucks. we need a qb. everyone in Minnesota knows it. SKOL!!!

      • Clint Ronnenberg

        Cassel’s certainly not elite, but he does not suck. Ponder and T-Jack sucked, but not Cassel. He opted out of $3.7M next year, because he doesn’t suck. And he’s going to get a better contract, because he doesn’t suck.

        • Alex Johnson

          I know Ponder does poorly, but he’s not bottom of the barrel. Statistically he actually had some good games this year, but the defense let the game slip away in the 4th quarter. If you’re scoring 30 points and still losing games the offense isn’t your main concern. Now, I don’t think Ponder will ever be and MVP, but he wasn’t the reason we were losing games.

          • Clint Ronnenberg

            That’s true.

  • 3kolu

    The only way that Cassel works is for the defense to make a huge turnaround, and I think Zimmer can achieve that turnaround. Cassel will have to limit the turnovers and has to stretch the field to take pressure off Adrian Peterson.

    • Clint Ronnenberg

      I agree.


    Defense and Offensive Linemen are our draft day needs! Ponder is not a bad QB only the idiots in Minnesota believe that the offense was worse than the defense! The defense had very few take aways and almost no three and outs to add to their porous resume. Ponder at least got the vikings to score. P.S. NFL light weights if you have ten defensive players lining up only five yards from the line of scrimmage you are not going to look good. That would bee even more true if John Elway in his prime was our QB throwing to our starting wide receivers! Jennings is a joke. But let’s say you get your wish and we draft another QB and that would fix what? The poor play by our offensive line? Why yes because we all know that the offensive struggles were all caused by Ponder. Then maybe you can use the draft to fix the defense but then why would you be drafting a new QB if the defense needs to be fixed? Like I said morons. Your arguments are not holding water.

    • Ryan Blomquist

      Bill, you are correct about the defense being the main problem, that is why we brought in Zimmer to correct that, he will get the best out of each player like he did in Cincy. But you are wrong about Ponder and the offensive line, the only person on the line that needs to go is Charlie Johnson, he stinks and hopefully Jeff Baca is ready to take his spot otherwise were going to find someone new, but Kalil, Fusco and even Loadholt are solid starters, people bash on Loadholt but he is everything a prototypical right tackle should be, “a Mauler” you usually run off the right side and we have the best running back in the league so why not pair him up with the one of the best run blockers? And even if he is sub par at pass blocking that’s okay, any solid quarterback these days should sense pressure from their front side. With Ponder there are three things holding him back, 1.) his accuracy is just not that good when it’s time for him to gun one in a tight window, everyone says he has a noodle arm which is kind of untrue because I have seen him sling it, but when he does it never ends up where he wants it to be. 2.) His pocket presence, ever watch Aaron Rodgers, Russel Wilson? These guys have a sense of urgency built into their heads knowing how much time they have before they scramble away and buy an extra three seconds to throw the ball. 3.) He struggles immensely against the blitz, this is the whole reason why the offensive line takes blame in the first place, because other teams will constantly rush 5-6 or even 7 guys because they know Ponder is not going to expose them, it is also part of the reason you see Rodgers, Manning and Brees seem like they have all day to throw because teams don’t often blitz them because they know they will be exposed. And I am sorry did you just cut down our wide receivers? Greg Jennings somehow managed over 800 yards with bad quaterback play, we also found our future number one in Cordarelle Patterson, and Jarius Wright is also solid in the slot. Can’t wait for this off season, I have a feeling Zimmer will get us to a Superbowl within 4 years.

    • Stryker

      You may be right Bill and it’s probably a combination of bad play calling and Ponder. But whatever the case, I think Ponder is done in Minnesota. Jennings is not a joke though. I think he’s frustrated that Ponder couldn’t get him the ball. Look how well he looked with Cassel in there. I just hope they don’t waste the pick on Johnny Manziel.

  • David Mallow

    Make this trade happen…. 3rd round pick will get it done, you can even throw in Ponder.

    • 123Star

      2nd rounder pick. Mallet was drafted in the 3rd round I believe. What is he 6’7″ and can through a ball close to 80 yards. Young guy and has seen alot.

      • dave

        Same Dave just a different profile now. lol. But I see they do want a 2nd for him. So I say trade your second for Mallet, then trade back to about 11 or 12 and Draft Ra’Shede Hageman or Darqueze Dennard plus pick up another 2nd and 4th and you get your QB while keeping a 2nd round pick and having another 4th round pick, as well as another 7th this year or next…Would absolutely love if it worked out this way. The Draft is exremely deep

        • 123Star

          not hageman, he just out muscles most in college. get to the nfl you have to have speed. the game is all about speed now, they are all strong as in all sports, but speed is what coaches and scouts look for the most.

          • David Mallow

            I think he will be a force in the NFL. But whatever they do it needs to be defense..Mack or trade down a few spots, after acquiring Mallett of course

  • corners

    nobody was interested in mallet, thats why most teams passed him up over 3 times when they had the chance to draft him.

    Why trade for a qb to be your starter with just 4 snaps? Why not just fine a new one in the draft with that pick?Both would be projects still and both would be just as high a risk.