Oct 27, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito (68) prepares to block against the New England Patriots during the second quarter at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Richie Incognito's attorney says Wells Report is 'replete with errors'

The biggest story of the day int he sports world is the release of the Ted Wells Report that has exposed the Miami Dolphins locker room as a hostile work environment where bullying, sexual harassment and racial slurs were prominent when it came to three individuals.

Richie Incognito is at the center of the issue, as he’s long been identified as the main aggressor in the situation. The Wells Report seems to back this assertion up with evidence, but Incognito’s attorney isn’t buying it. In a statement released by Incognito’s attorney, the Wells Report is deemed to be ‘replete with errors’ and ‘disappointing’ in that Ted Wells didn’t do proper research.

This was expected to come out of Incognito’s camp, as the allegations in the report are beyond serious and will likely be contested by Incognito and the other indicted. The Wells Report was damning, but it appears that we are still just scratching the surface of how out of control this situation may really become.

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  • bk

    Quite frankly, the NFL and this investigation is a joke. Anyone with half a brain knew exactly how it would read…blame almost everything on 1 scapegoat (granted, he was an easy target and a moron).. SO what next? Incognito may never play again… is this fair?
    The NFL and the media lapdogs seem ready to bury him.. is it because of his race? A black player would not be getting nearly as much… ie.. Pouncey, a guy who supports his buddy Hernandez… peep peep from the media… This is the same group of lame people who have welcomed back felons like: RayRay, Vick, Stallworth, etc… Aldon Smith is under indictment for felony gun charges, Von Miller failed drug tests then tampered with one… no issue? These same talking (but empty) heads are guilty of the same thing Incognito did…

  • J holobinko

    This whole thing should just go away! Nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong! They should just let it go and stop taking bout it! It never was a big deal to me! Incognito should get sensitivity training and Martin should really toughen up! It’s that simple!