Dec 8, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson (13) lines up during the first quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Lions 34-20. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Carolina Panthers interested in Hakeen Nicks, Nate Burleson?

The NFL offseason us officially upon us, which means that teams are starting to look at ways they can make immediate upgrades in order to secure deep runs in the postseason next year. One such team happens to be the Carolina Panthers, who were bounced in their first playoff game but took strides towards being consistent contenders in the NFC.

One position that may get an upgrade, or at least depth, is wide receiver. blogger David Newton suggests that that Nate Burleson could be a solid option for the Panthers if they look his way in free agency.

Hakeem Nicks gets a lot of mentions because he comes from the New York Giants, where Carolina general manager Dave Gettleman was prior to last year. But if the Panthers were to go after one of these two, Nate Burleson makes the most sense. He’s a tall slot receiver that would take coverage off Steve Smith. The real question on either is the price tag.

Nicks will almost certainly be out of the Panthers price range, but as long as they keep Burleson away from slippery roads and pizza shops, he may end up being a great addition in the offseason.

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  • ahrcshaw

    I have no idea who Burleson, but I do know Hicks, and the Panthers are in no position to high dollar for anyone at this point. Not only that the Panthers will first secure its young guys, add draft picks to build with, then inexpensive elders at low cost. The Panthers will end up passing on Hardy who is a known in order to be able to continue the young growth as they are not lacking in high performers at present. The Panther problem is getting threw their own free agents, unless an opportunity presents its self. Hardy will go and the Panthers will bring in a very good elder TE, probably from the NY Giants and will not miss a beat on D.

    • Panthers1113

      Burleson was potentially a amazing number 2 for the lions but injuries sidelined him. Nicks not hicks may not come with s high price tag after the season he just had..both rounds greatly improve the WR depth. I would get Burleson, he , much like Ginn, is a diamond in the ruff.. a elder DE NOT TE would be a major down grade at that position..did we watch the same nfl? No Panthers fan in their right mind wants to let a run down vet ta ke over for a man called “Kraken” e on now….smdh

      • ahrcshaw

        Think of it this way, in 2011 and 2012 Cam with a less talented WR grounp passed for millions of yrds, Why? He had protection, even if it was elusive, Mr G would go for a good good OT b/4 a good WR, I think. Look at the statistics or at least the 4 blow out games, Cam had 75+ % pass reception when he had protection and a little help from the run game. Buuuuut, he would do better with a good # 2. Your right a #2D can not withstand a #26O and end up as big winners. At the same time the #2 D did not play like the #2D either. Again the O in 2010 and 2011 was a lot better then #26. Your the annalist, you tell me why. (that’s a pun) ,Other then that I am sorry for my goofs.

        Now, Kraken, I read some where the Giants were going to replace some elderly good TE that had 11 sacks, which might be available. I would like to keep Hardy, but I do not think the dollars would work out so that could happen. Gross, Willims, Stewart, who knows who else gave up money and some may do it this year as well, Giving it to Kacken would be devastating to moral and there goes the team. It will not be easy to say the least, but in the long run it might be best to let him walk.

        • Panthers1113

          My “analist”(play off your pun) is year 1 no defense had tape on Cam so he was much more comfortable taking off if no receiver was open. Year 2 he hit a lil slump nothing major and all the teams had a year of tape. Yes a o line up grade is a must but looking at the talent draft wise it looks like that can be easily addressed later in the draft, by not letting gross retire, and returns from injuries will help too.2 things stick out the most.. lack of offensive weapons and holes in the secondary (the difference between the number 1 and 2 defense was definitely the secondary) my hope as a die-hard is they do what they’ve been doing take the best available player in the draft its worked very well the past 3 drafts Cam Luke and Star. So if its a WR available take him, a CB take him or even a OL take him. The formula has worked why Change it. Gman is doing a amazing job digging Car out of the hole Marty created. Losing key players will only set the team back Rivera said it best I can’t imagine this team without Hardy

          • ahrcshaw

            Believe it or not I can not disagree, and I am somewhat aware of what young players are in the system but ???Just not ready. Like Mr G said, “often what you are looking for is already on your bench”. I think that”s smart thinking.

            Hardy, would be a good player to keep, and now he is asking for more then Johnson. Just like Peppers, who started the downward spiral. If you can not afford a Cadillac, your can do very well with Ford. It is no different, the playing a player who is hurt, or playing the backup. Who knows the best answer? As far as Rivera’s comment, that’s like being political or greedy? But I do not think he would put the team at risk for Hardy.