Dec 9, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Josh McCown (12) looks to pass during the third quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Oakland Raiders to pursue signing Josh McCown?

The NFL offseason is officially upon us, which means that players around the league are starting to look for new homes in the 2014 season. One of those players is backup quarterback Josh McCown, who very well may have played his way into a starting role with a team this offseason.

McCown was brilliant in relief of Jay Cutler in Chicago this year with the Bears, and that has some teams around the league on notice about him. The Oakland Raiders are desperate for stability at quarterback, and reporter Scott Bair believes that McCown could be a solution for the Raiders need at the position.

McCown has shown stability and accuracy throughout his career. He hasn’t been great until recently, but going with a hot hand might pay dividends. Also, McCown is the definition of stopgap solution and, at 34 years old, would be okay with that. He’d also be fine mentoring younger passers while he starts in the short term.

McCown is an iterating fit for the Raiders as they seem to be looking for a stable solution, but may be interested in a short-term fix. Either way, stability is stability and the Raiders desperately need to find that at quarterback, and McCown may be the guy.

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  • Bob

    Why? He was with the Raiders during th Kiffen era.

    • Lar Dog

      I get ya. The draft pick should have been Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson. Took a bag of doodoo. Al’s draft picks where mostly terrible. McCown might be relatively cheap. Freeman might be also. Spend the pick on Watkins. We need a playmaker. McGloin has shown signs of being very good at some things.

  • guido

    He played well because he had 2 stud WRs to throw too. Raiders don’t have those WR

    • Lar Dog

      We could have one in Watkins, if we pick him.

      • jon bonez jonez

        We dont need him we can pic up decker or macklin in free agency i say we go for an qb

        • Lar Dog

          Only if one that will be our franchise QB. I have some faith that McGloin could be. Get Mack in FA or a big time LG. I think the oline could be real good next year. Veldheer must be signed. Watson is gonna be ready

  • The Don

    Mcgloin is our best bet. Not crazy for any FA Qb out there. Not thinking Bortles or Manziel will be there at five, and not sold on them either. See whats there in second round, and worry about defense. With McGloin the offense put up 25 points per game, solidify th e D and O line and get a solid #1 receiver and we should be in position to win some games and will know if he is th e Qb moving forward.

  • jon bonez jonez

    I say we trade up to get a qb we can adress the wr position and d-line Nd o line in free agency im not sold on mcgloin yet if he wants to start then lets draft some competition just dont give it to mcgloin..

  • Spencer Walker

    I believe trading down and getting o and d line and hopefully get Michael Vick or Matt schaub

  • Crusader10

    Really? After Matt Flynn last year? I could see Josh Freeman, who has some upside, but why McCown?

  • Raider Grant

    Use QB’s we have, draft Watkins, build D & O line. Barring injury; Marcus Mariota next year is the guy we want. Go Raiders

  • Jaime Olguin

    I believe that Matt McGloin could be our quarterback why not he’s shown ability to work the pocket
    And able to deliver passes in small window, yah he’s made mistakes but the kid didn’t even have the
    off season to work with the first team units, giving him this hole summer to work with the first unit and
    put in play some good receivers and a healty line plus beafing up the deffense and the rotation we could
    Win some games this year, we could of won some of those games but our deffense just couldn’t stop
    any one, hopfully this will all change this year. I’ve said it before I believe that Reggie &Dennis will
    Get the job done.

  • david l

    Reggie and D.A. are beginning to worry me with there choices…..

  • jzgames11

    McGloin is a backup, build our lines and get a qb next year’s draft. Our schedule is going to hurt any qb playing this year. I’d rather see Pryor run for his life than boring Mcgloin lead team. We aren’t going to win a super bowl next year. Mccown to come in and mentor is better than Trent Edwards for sure. Whatever we do this year at qb should be short term while we build our foundation . (Lines) Just my opinion , I will watch.every game regardless.

  • WrestlePop

    Raiders should absolutly go after McCown. He was not that bad in Oakland, In fact I thought he did a really good job. Look at what he had to play with? You can look at numbers all you want but what they don’t show you is Josh was running for his life almost every play

    McCown could be The Raiders Next Rich Gannon