Nov 10, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker (10) passes against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the first half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Tennessee Titans unlikely to cut Jake Locker in 2014

Earlier in the year, when the NFL season was winding down, there was talk of the Tennessee Titans moving on from Jake Locker at quarterback. This was immediately interpreted as the team cutting Locker in the offseason, but it appears that was a hasty assumption we all made.

While moving on from a player typically involves cutting them, it appears the Titans are moving on from Locker in a spiritual sense rather than a physical one. scribe Paul Kuharsky states that even if the Titans draft a quarterback high in the draft, Locker’s salary is cheap to cut this offseason.

Jake Locker isn’t going anywhere. Even if they spent a high pick on a quarterback, Locker is cheap in 2014, his salary is guaranteed and they’ll need as many candidates as they can get to whittle down to two or three.

Locker may not be getting cut, but he’ll likely become a backup rather quickly in the 2014 season. Still, we’ve seen quarterbacks under pressure rebound but the Titans will likely only see a solid season from Locker as a reason to trade him in 2015.

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  • Comeupwithsomething

    The worst assumption is :” cutting Locker in the offseason, but it appears that was a hasty assumption we ALL made.” Why do you assume we ALL expected him to be cut.

    First, did you see what Whiz did in helping Warner? Also, Brady was hurt and out for a season so would you have cut him? Manning? Not saying Locker is in their caliber, but he’s young.

    My assumption is to always………..follow the money.

  • Matt Ward

    This is the final year of Locker’s rookie contract. If he has a solid season, they would have to sign him to a new deal or franchise him… Trading him will not be an option.

    So one question I have is, how good would his season need to be in order to earn a new contract? Your thoughts?

    • Jon

      Since it is the Titans 50% accuracy, 1:2 td:int ratio, and 100+ yd/game average.

      • Matt Ward

        lol – Well I guess he’s getting a new contract then!

  • Joshua Huffman

    If Locker could just stay healthy, he’d surprise some folks. He was playing well before his injury. But unless he can stay healthy, it doesn’t matter. Considering his injuries date back to at least freshman year at UW, it’s hard to have confidence in him staying healthy.