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Northern Trust Open: Best player quotes (round three)

William McGirt once made two aces in the same round at a charity event.  He has a funny story to go along with it:

We get to No. 4, 130‑yard downhill par 3, knock a wedge in the hole.  Like, great, why couldn’t I do it on the hole they were giving the car away.  But they were giving away a $2,500 Bose surround sound system, and I’m like, okay, this is nice.


So we get to No. 9, which happened to be the car hole, and we don’t have a ball on the green.  And I stand up, knock a 7‑iron in the hole, go nuts, call my wife:  “Hey, I just won a new car!”  She practically got her’s sold at this point.


We get done and he comes up to me and he says, “We got a little problem.”  You know, I was kind of thinking the whole time, I knew about the insurance stuff, and he said, we have a little problem.  And I’m like, “Don’t you dare tell me I don’t get that car.”  [He said] “We didn’t pay the pro insurance.”


At least I walked away with a good story to tell. No car, no surround sound system.  Didn’t get any of it.  He gave me this nice ‑‑ it’s a weed whacker but it’s a golf club weed whacker.  It’s plastic.  I’m like, this is awesome, it’s a fair exchange for a car.  Still have it in my garage, still in [the] plastic.

Beljan was happy to speak with the media after his round because it means he played well:

Well, you guys are talking to me again, so that’s a good sign.

Jason Allred is very thankful to be where he is:

I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to be at a place in my life, I just have so much to be thankful for with my amazing family, it just feels great to be out here and soak it up.

Spieth is only 20-years-old, but he is one of the best players on the PGA Tour:

The adjustment was quicker than I guess I would have thought starting out, but I had confidence in myself, and my game to come out and play strong, and I feel like each and every week, I need to be focused on trying to win the golf tournament.  That’s kind of how I feel going in, and it’s been good thus far, and I’m looking for a good one tomorrow.

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