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Ohio State, Jeopardy contestant gets Green Bay and Detroit mixed up (Video)

Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Now I know geography isn’t everyone’s strongest subject, but if you’re on Jeopardy I have to imagine it is relatively easy. This Ohio State student appearing on Jeopardy struggled with it.

The answer was: “With a population of 104,000, this city, indicated on the map, is the smallest to boast an NFL franchise.”

That is right, she had an NFL clue and a map. The map even labeled Michigan clearly indicating the city was outside of Michigan, still, she guess Detroit. Now both states are slightly hand or gloved shape so I can understand her confusion had Michigan not been labeled.

She is probably kicking herself after that one but at least Alex Trebek didn’t laugh at her. The guy from Ball State quickly swooped in to take the points.

Somewhere Michigan students everywhere are rejoicing and playing this video on repeat all weekend long.

[h/t] @BustedCoverage

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