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Chris Bosh on asking LeBron James about future: 'I wouldn't do that to him'

It would appear that Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is not inclined to push his luck when it comes to the possibility of a second tenure of the team’s “big three.”

During All-Star weekend, Bosh was asked about the future and whether or not he will approach LeBron James about his plans. Bosh said no way (quotes from Sam Amick of USA Today):

I wouldn’t do that to him, because my answer (about his uncertain situation) would be ‘I don’t know.’ The truth is that we don’t know, and I wouldn’t ask him. And even whatever he tells me, you’re not the same person now that you’re going to be in July. It’s just a matter of fact. You’re going to change.”

Bosh also said that the team’s near-loss to the San Antonio Spurs in last year’s NBA Finals put things in perspective for him, and he just plans to focus on trying to get one more championship:

I came into this season just soaking it all in because I want to win this year. I hope it happens — like ‘Man, just one more. Please.’”

It sounds like he is preparing, at least in part, for this to be the team’s last season together, even if he won’t broach the topic with James (and presumably not with Dwyane Wade either). I have this visual of him sitting in a different locker room next year, talking to his new teammates about what it was like to be on the Heat.

“Man, you should have seen us back in those days. The Big Three, they called us. You wouldn’t believe some of the good times we had…”

And hey, he’ll always have that half-court shot he made…


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