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DeAngelo Hall, Washington Redskins reportedly getting closer to deal

The Washington Redskins, in an effort to fortify what was a truly awful defense in 2013, are looking to lock up their biggest name defensive back.

That’s not to say DeAngelo Hall is a particularly good corner anymore, but he sure thinks so, and the Redskins appear to agree enough that they will be inclined to give him a new deal.

Tonight Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk reports the following:

Per a league source, talks are intensifying between the Redskins and Hall toward a new contract.  While not close to an agreement, progress is being made.”

Florio also notes that Hall had four interceptions, three forced fumbles, and two touchdowns in 2013. Those impact plays might persuade you that Hall is still a good cornerback, but from play to play that isn’t really the case. According to the guys over at Pro Football Focus, who assign grades to players each game and then give an overall grade for the season, Hall was the 84th best  corner in the NFL (out of 110 players graded for the season).

Anytime you can lock up a declining, mostly ineffective cornerback on the wrong side of 30, you’ve gotta do it. That’s the Washington Redskins on Dan Snyder’s watch for you.

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  • Travis Robinson

    I hope they resign hall somewhere around 3 years at 10-12 mil. What scares me is hall is always better in contract years. Are d has so many holes I’d hate to have another on to fill. Hopefully amerson improves and sign someone like captian munnerlyn or Walter Thurmond (who will be a lot cheaper than a top flight cb) . I think we need to make a splash at safety and sign a offensive tackle.

    • Hayden Kane

      That’s a fair point, Travis. And maybe with better personnel around him Hall will show better than he did last season.

  • april walker

    This article was too hard on Hall..Redskins can’t replace the entire defense!! Hall worth keeping another year, no doubt about it!! HTTR