Feb 5, 2014; Sacramento, CA, USA; Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry (7) reacts to a called foul during the second quarter of the game against the Sacramento Kings at Sleep Train Arena. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks, Hawks, Raptors in talks for three-team trade for Kyle Lowry and Iman Shmupert

The NBA trade deadline is approaching fast which means that there will be deals starting to be discussed that could continue to take shape over the next 72 hours. One such deal could be a three-way trade between the Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks.

According to Ian Begley from ESPNNewYork.com, the deal would involve Kyle Lowry going to the Knicks, Jeff Teague going to the Raptors and Iman Shumpert heading to the Hawks, among other considerations changing hands. Begley reports that the talks are just in the preliminary stages and haven’t advanced yet.

League sources say a scenario in which Teague ends up in Toronto, Shumpert goes to Atlanta and Lowry winds up in New York has been discussed. Another scenario could have Teague ending up in New York. The conversations are believed to be preliminary and have not reached an advanced stage.

Of course, this doesn’t mean a trade will happen, but we’ve seen these types of deals move quickly in the NBA. With 72 hours to go until the deadline, this is the scenario to keep an eye on as it could end up being a blockbuster.

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  • Ednan Ahmed

    Sounds like a trade that NY made up…again

    If you want Lowry that bad you should have traded for him earlier or wait till this off-season and sign him as a free agent. Knicks aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs

    • Joseph Swan

      The Knicks didnt break the story a beat writer did. The raptors only require a PG replacement for Lowery.

      The hawks are doing well and could use another PF.

      THE Knicks need a PG. Making this trade coukd help all the clubs concerned.

      Don’t forget there are other considerations in the deal, lets, see what happens

      • Ednan Ahmed

        Toronto is happy with their Raptors team the only players that can be traded without the fans revolting are Vasquez and Hayes and maybe Hansbrough and again this trade only benefitsthe Knicks goals that’s hey the rumor came from NY

        We like Salmons Patterson, Amir, DeMar, Lowry, Jonas, Hansbrough, Ross, Novak, and Julian Stone is a good backup guard

        We need draft picks or upgrades in talent and the only way to upgrade talent is to go after all stars and that’s not happening we dont want Boozer or Teague or anything like that we are happy and we are going to whoop the Knicks for the next 5 years!!!!

  • Jensan

    Think you have to much free time. Atlanta requires big men, not Kyle Lowry. Shumpert is not a big man….
    Raptors require a point guard and a LONG term PF, Patterson is equal to Amir Johnson.

    • Ednan Ahmed

      We love Patterson n Amir in TO they aren’t going anywhere for a while

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    “Playoffs!!” Cmon they need to win games! Im a knicks fan and Know they r trash! Knicks need a lot more than a PG.