Dec 15, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel (3) throws the ball during the first half of the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Buffalo Bills QB situation could ‘go off rails this offseason

The Buffalo Bills gambled in the 2013 NFL Draft and took Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel with their first pick of the draft. Not only was Manuel not projected to go in the first-round, but he wasn’t even projected as the first quarterback to be taken.

Nevertheless, the Bills gambled and so far haven’t come out far ahead of the New York Jets who draft the guy who was supposed to be a first-rounder in Geno Smith. The injury concerns about Manuel have led some to believe that the Bills will bring in competition for the young gunslinger in just his second season, and ESPN’s Louis Riddick believe things are about to get really bad in Buffalo really fast.

The Bills have been rumored to be looking into not only drafting a quarterback in the draft this year but possibly trading for Kirk Cousins. Either way, if you thought things were already bad in Buffalo, it seems as though things are about to get a lot worse.

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  • chas territo

    Even people who know better have the nerve to question a 10 game QB and judge him to be not good enough. A-holes all across the NFL,Media and fans nationwide. How many QB’s would we have missed out on because we all were too damn impatient and didn’t give them enough time to develop???? I see EJ Manuel as good QB starting and winning for us in his 2nd year at the helm of our Buffalo Bills! GO BILLS!!

  • Jack Best

    Yea this is starting to get ridiculous,everyone is basing these articles off Mike Rodak saying he thinks the bills should trade for Kirk cousins.there aren’t ANY sources coming outside of the One Bills Drive saying that they are interested in trading for Kirk cousins who played awful this past year by the way. And basing your Info off of Louis Riddick is even worse,there is a reason he is a analyst for ESPN now and not working for an NFL team,he sucks and got fired everywere he went.

  • Paul Kawalerski

    The only things that are getting worst are these ridiculous articles that base their entire articles on assumptions. The Bills have never hinted about drafting another QB in this year’s draft. There may have been a slight interest in picking up Cousins as a backup to compete for that position. I guess some writers just need to make up some articles because they don’t have enough real football sense to write anything of good substance. Like the title of the article says :RUMORS – This is nothing more than the NFL equivalent of the National Enquirer.

  • NWBill

    Hi, Josh. You’re full of BS! If Cousins could have been had by the Bills to solve the EJ “problem,” why didn’t Buffalo trade for him during last season – when the Redskins were in such turmoil? Why would they have waited, if they’d given up SO QUICKLY on EJ Manuel? He wasn’t even slated to have been drafted in the 1st round – what are you smoking? This is a kid that none other than JON GRUDEN (who knows a few things about QBs) had the highest regard for!!

    I agree with Paul K – I don’t know if you write these things in order to get certain responses, but sharing thoughts like these with fans – some of whom may know even less than you do about Buffalo – is borderline demeaning and without merit. Manuel HASN’T HAD A FULL SEASON UNDER CENTER YET – why judge him at all until that’s taken place? He had a new coach, new offense, new OC, new team and city …and then he gets injured (which, you know, kinda happens to professional football players). You make him sound like some walking wounded, so-so player who just barely got drafted – did you even WATCH any of his college game work? Based on that alone, I’d take him over Geno Smith any day of the week; and feel good about it.

    Please, please, PLEASE do what everyone tells writers to do – write things YOU KNOW ABOUT! In the case of EJ Manuel, you don’t know c**p.

    • chas territo

      Bill, To say I agree with everything you said would be just copying you, so, I will make my own statement. Stories like this one while being a figment of a writer’s imagination and unfounded are too full of cr*p to be recognized as truth. There is another falsified report I read about the new(?) stadium to be looked into for our city.Another BS story with no credibility. How so? It says the city of Buffalo in erecting a new stadium the reason is so the Bills can leave Buffalo,New York and move elsewhere and, of course the destination is…You guessed it, Los Angeles, California! AND they say this is because WE know the Bills want to move and we all are accepting of this purported move?? Now how many of yu out there heard these lies? How many are accepting of a move? How many believe this is BULL?? How many lies will there be? How many fraudulent stories will we read that lie? GO BILLS!!

      • NWBill

        As far as the new stadium goes, it seems very strange to me that there would be many millions spent refurbishing the present stadium (something that’s happening right now) and THEN, go and turn around and spend many millions more building a new one from scratch. The Bills have too much storied history in Buffalo, and have too much invested in the area, to move – Roger Goodell has said that himself. LA? How many times did that work out for the Raiders? Anyone who moves there is looking at about 1 1/2 billion dollars in investment – even before the first fan walks through the turnstile. In this economy, who’s going to do that? Not the state of CA – who can’t even keep their cities from declaring bankruptcy. No one that I can see; especially not a team that has a 90+ year old owner, and has invested so much in building a brand in Western New York. Doesn’t make sense – except for writers who want to create things out of thin air to write about. Apparently this is the site for writing like that ….I’m not sure if I’m even going to bother with this place much more, if that continues. There’s REAL journalistic writing – and then there’s cr*p.

        • chas territo

          Does it seem worse when we are terrible or getting better that stories like these happen more often? Or is it because we are getting better I notice this craap being told? The Bills sign off a bunch of games to Toronto and all of a sudden we’re selling and moving the team there. Then here we are getting a whole new regime and we’re going west. Then we start to come together and now a stadium might be built. Of course the location rumors start to fly. Then the story I mentioned comes out. WTF!! To the lazy media, spokesmen and writers, radio jockasses and news reporters, delve beneath the surface on every story first, then if the story merits broadcasting in any way then you all will be credible. There should be a law punishing rumor mongers and bald-faced liars! GO BILLS!!

          • NWBill

            I think that the primary reason this stuff gets written is to create controversy and rile fans to respond – anyone with common sense wouldn’t do it, so there must be another motive involved. And I was taken in just like anyone else; I just don’t understand why people promote stupidity, when clear logic and dispassionate discussion is right there to be had – if people use their brains. But, hey ….that’s just me. It seems like fans have better, more logical discussions than people who write this type of garbage in order to get more hits on their websites or people responding do. Just human nature, I guess.