Dec 1, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers (90) against the Minnesota Vikings at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Vikings defeated the Bears 23-20 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears expected to cut Julius Peppers, Earl Bennett

The Chicago Bears thought bringing in a new head coach and shifting the focus of the franchise to the offensive side of the ball would change the losing culture. While the season the Bears turned in wasn’t technically a losing season, they failed to make the postseason, even with an offense that looks primed to explode in 2014.

Chicago shifting their attention to the offensive side of the ball means big defensive cuts are in store, something Jason La Canfora points out in his column this week. According to the CBS insider, the Bears are expected to cut Julius Peppers along with receiver Earl Bennett.

GM Phil Emery wasn’t the one who vastly overspent for Peppers (that was since-fired GM Jerry Angelo), so I don’t believe for a second he will play the sporadic performer $14M (counting $18.2M against the cap). In fact, Emery would be a fool to do so with all of Bears’ other needs on defense. Save his $14M in cap space — which they need with Jay Cutler counting a ridiculous $22.5M against the cap — and let Peppers go.

There’s no guarantee that the Bears will cut Peppers, but it makes a load of sense from a numbers standpoint. He’s not the defensive presence he once was with the Panthers and he’s vastly overpaid at the salary he’s receiving. Restructuring seems out of the question and an outright release may be what’s next for Peppers in Chicago.

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  • russ jas

    What r they thinking????

  • Sinclair Phos

    Dude you are an idiot. the focus did not change to the offensive side of the ball…and they will win….for you to write this gibberish is just pandering to the stupid. Please don’t procreate…the world has enough stupid people

    • Jason P

      Oh no adding a offensive minded head coach, obtaining a decent tight end, firing the previous offensive coordinator and the oline coach, drafting better players for the oline and removing Hester as a receiver aren’t sign of a team focusing on it’s offensive unit. Nope, that’s clearly a team building it’s special teams and defense unit. Before you attack someone else you should make sure that you’re not an idiot yourself.

      • Sinclair Phos

        Jason, let me get out the crayons and explain this to you. The former regime focused only on the defensive side of the ball, they had a HC that was nothing more than a glorified DC who was clueless about many aspects of his job as a head football coach in the NFL. A change was made, and the new head football coach assembled a coaching staff of coordinators and assistants most of which came from winning/successful programs on BOTH sides of the ball. The state of the Bears when they took over was an aging veteran defense with little quality depth/developmental players which just came off another solid year, and an offense that had some key pieces in place, but had an offensive line that 5 giant road cones would have been better than. So the new regime evaluated the TEAM, they looked at BOTH sides of the ball, looked at their limited resources in the of season, and put a plan in place. LAST SEASON’S FOCUS was going to be on BUILDING (not rebuilding) an offense while they tried to get one more season out of a core group of aging veterans. They built a winning offense, they added some depth to the defense with a series of one year veteran minimum contracts, and were able to add two linebackers out of the draft for the future. They positioned themselves to rebuild the defense this coming off season. Now that my diminutive internet friend is something neither the Chicago Bears nor us fans have seen in quite some time, a competent GM, and a competent HC with a PLAN. The “author” of this piece is trying to draw a parallel to the focus of the Bears today and the focus of the Bears of the last decade, implying that the Bears switched from a glorified DC to a glorified OC…meet the new boss same as the old boss type mentality. When in fact it is exactly the opposite. Yes last off season’s priority was the offensive side of the ball, and this year’s priority will be the defensive side of the ball. Injuries to the nearly everyone in that core group of players (as well as one who showed a significant decline in play-making ability this past season)….derailed their defensive plan last season. Exposed a couple of weaknesses on the coaching staff that were fired and upgraded. Anyone who was paying attention expected the D to fall off a bit…but when the entire core of guys you were counting on goes down, and you have little depth and no experience to replace them, it is crash and burn. Now then, this regime has made it clear (in words) and their actions seem to be coinciding…that they want to win championshipS. Notice the S on the end of that word. You don’t win championships, you do not field a consistent, championship caliber football team by focusing only on one side of the ball. You need to have a solid unit on BOTH sides of the football, as well as developmental talent for depth. Yes the focus of last off season was on the offense. And they did a phenomenal job. Their plan for the D did not go as planned last season. This offseason however, they planned to retool/rebuild whatever you want to call it, and they are going forward with that plan. If one takes a look at some of the moves to the coaching staff on BOTH sides of the ball, it is obvious that Trestman this off season is planning on being hands on with regard to the defensive rebuild. This author wrote an ad hominem piece about this new coaching staff for one of two reasons…either he is too stupid to see the forest beyond the trees, or it was a deliberate attempt to pander to the stupid. If it is the first, well ignorance is a choice…he can change that if he so desires. If it is the second, then it was not written out of ignorance, it was written by the stupid, for the stupid….and it looks like he got one, hook line and sinker, doesn’t it Jason?

        • Jason P


        • Tom Weissmann

          You do know every coach is a glorified coordinator right? And to bash Lovie as if he never did anything for the Bears. Some fan you are. They didn’t add any winning coaches on the defensive side of the ball or they wouldn’t have finished with the worst defense in franchise history. Complain all you want about aging players but the Steelers averaged some of the oldest starters in league history when they were going to their super bowls. Spouting off the same meaningless repetitive ramblings in your lengthy tantrum shows you read into things rather than look into them yourself. Do you wonder why Trestman never got an NFL head coaching job? You saw why this year: he gets by with talented offenses but lacks worse than Lovie did with his offenses in his defensive knowledge. I hope Chicago keeps Trestman around so they keep having mediocre seasons never reaching the playoffs yet just good enough for missing out on good players in the draft.