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NBA Trade Deadline: Eastern Conference Needs

With the NBA trade deadline looming (February 20th), I take a look at the top Eastern Conference team’s needs.

Western Conference Needs

Also note, I believe plenty of these teams should be Sellers.

Indiana Pacers (40-13): Perimeter Shooting

The Pacers are pretty much set at each position. They have their go-to guy in Paul George, inside presence with Roy Hibbert, and great role players in David West, Lance Stephenson, and so on, but there is on thing they don’t have…A Dead-Eye shooter. This team has shown they can struggle on offense, adding a great 3-pt shooter may be able to lessen those instances.

Miami Heat (37-14): Reserve Playmaker, Energy

A team that has shown to not have it life every game can sure use an energy player to living up games. This isn’t a huge concern as I expect the Heat to be ready to roll when the playoffs get going. A more concerning position is an alternative playmaker for when LeBron James is out on the bench . Usually Dwyane Wade carries that role, but knee issues have limited his time on the court.

Toronto Raptors (28-24): Upgrades at Wing Reserves, Long Term PG?

With their recent climb up the Eastern standings, the once expected to be sellers are now most likely to stay put. The Raptors biggest weakness is their bench. Landry Fields and John Salmons can easily be upgraded. Also, with Kyle Lowry still attracting plenty of attention, the Raptors may be looking for their point guard of the future.

Chicago Bulls (27-25): Go to Players

Coming into the season there was no real glaring holes on the team, well with another Derrick Rose injury and the Luol Deng trade, the Bulls are left star-less on the offensive side.

Atlanta Hawks (25-26): Center, Wings

Another team that has suffered an injury to its star player, the Hawks have a big hole at center to fill. Paul Millsap has been able to carry the load, but if the Hawks can find a center to pair alongside him and upgrade at the wings, the Hawks may be able to get back to their winnings ways.

Washington Wizards (25-27): Backup PG, Depth

The Wizards very flawed team that relies strictly on its top 6-7 players. Eric Maynor hasn’t panned out as expected, so expect them to upgrade at that position. The Wizards also could and should try to upgrade their bench, not just for this season, but also next.

Brooklyn Nets (24-27): Center, Youth

I don’t think anyone would argue you against you if you told them the Nets are old, so adding some youth and energy to the team shouldn’t hurt. More important than that is the loss of Brook Lopez. The Nets have turned to rookie Mason Plumlee to fill the spot, but outside of him the Nets don’t have a true center to throw out on the court.

Charlotte Bobcats (23-30): Scoring, SF, Reserve Center

This team is in the 8th seed due to the emergence of Kemba Walker, play of Al Jefferson, and the team’s ability to defend. Jefferson and Walker could use some help on the offensive side of the ball, especially from the reserves. If this team makes the playoffs, most likely they’ll be facing the current one seed Pacers. They’ll need some extra size behind Jefferson to keep the Pacers off the glass.

Detroit Pistons (22-30): Shooters, Backup Center

Probably one of the most flawed rosters in the NBA, the Pistons aren’t an easy fix. This team needs players who can play without the ball, preferably shooters to stretch the court. Also adding some size behind Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe wouldn’t be a bad idea.

New York Knicks (20-32): PG, Backup Center

Safe to say no-one thought the Knicks would be this bad. They could use some size behind Tyson Chandler. The team has been rumored to be in the market for a starting or backup point guard. It would be easy to say that the whole team needs a change, but talented players aren’t the issue, getting the players to play to their capabilities and as a team has been the challenge.

Cleveland Cavaliers (20-33): Shooting, SG, Center

This team could really use some spot-up shooters to spread the court for Luol Deng and Kyrie Irving. An upgrade at shooting guard would pay dividends also. Dion Waiters may be better suited in a reserve role (short and long-term). With the Andrew Bynum failure, the Cavs are left without a true center.

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