NBA Trade Deadline: Which Teams Should Sell


With the NBA Trade Deadline nearing, here’s a quick look at which teams should be sellers.

Yes, I do name every Eastern non-playoff team.

New York Knicks (20-32): Many New Yorkers won’t be happy with this but…the Knicks season is over. Even if they are to squeak into the playoffs, they’ll have a first round date with the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers. This is a team that lacks assets and flexibility at the moment, so this is a chance to try to gain some of that back. Many teams would go crazy to get their hands on Tyson Chandler, so sell him before his value diminishes after another injury. So New York should fight the urge to buy and sell…sell high.

Los Angeles Lakers (18-35): Even with a healthy Kobe Bryant and roster, it’s still hard to see this team competing in the loaded West. With the season all but over for the Lakers, this is an opportunity to add cap flexibility and assets. Pau Gasol, Steve Blake, Nick Young, Jordan Hill, and Jodie Meeks can all be great pieces for a playoff team. The Lakers should explore getting as much value as they can for these players, especially if they don’t seem them being part of the rebuilding plan.

New Orleans Pelicans (23-29): The Pelicans sure made some noise during the offseason, bringing in Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday. Things haven’t exactly gone as planned. The Pelicans should look to unload these bloated contracts. If they’re name isn’t Anthony Davis, the Pelicans should consider parting with them.

Milwaukee Bucks (9-43): It should come to no surprise that the worst team in the NBA should be a seller. The Bucks are a team with young pieces and bad fit veterans. They should build around the likes of Larry Sanders, John Henson, and Giannis Antekounmpo. If they can get a team to just take the contract of O.J Mayo off their hands, they should accept it. Gary Neal, Luke Ridnour, and Caron Butler should also be shopped hard.

Detroit Pistons (22-30): Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe should be the only untouchables on this team. The pieces don’t fit, so send them off.

Philadelphia 76ers (15-39): No doubt this team is looking to trade Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes. If this team doesn’t view them in their future, they should just take the best offer; unless they’re holding out on sign-and-trade possibilities.

Cleveland Cavaliers (20-33): Another team that should avoid buying. This team has tried to rush the rebuilding project and it’s just set them back even more. The team should look to recoup its losses in the Luol Deng trade before he bolts for nothing.

Boston Celtics (19-35): A team that loves to sell high. Expect Rajon Rondo’s name to be brought up non-stop. The team can wait to move the likes of him, Jeff Green, others till the offseason, so expect them to drive up a hard bargain.

Orlando Magic (16-38): Another team in rebuilding mode that has some trade pieces that can net a big gain. Jameer Nelson, Arron Afflalo, and maybe even Glen “Big Baby” Davis can bring in some future assets.

Denver Nuggets (24-27): Another team that I’m declaring dead in the sea. The Nuggets should avoid be buyers. Andre Miller, Wilson Chandler, Timofy Mozgov, and J.J Hickson could be names other teams may be willing to sacrifice assets for.

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