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Los Angeles Dodgers considering Alex Guerrero, Dee Gordon platoon at second base

For some reason Dee Gordon might still play Major League Baseball in 2014.

I mean no disrespect, of course, as I’m sure he is a perfectly nice man. I wish him no ill-will, and if he is given the chance to play again in 2014, I hope he does well and takes advantage of that opportunity.

But the problem is, Gordon’s play has been putrid the last two seasons. In 87 games in 2012 he was a -1.4 fWAR player. In only 38 Major League games in 2013, he was exactly a replacement player (0.0 fWAR) with a .234 batting average and seven fielding errors.

To date Gordon has only played three MLB games at second base, but apparently the Dodgers are considering a platoon with him and Alex Guerrero, their big addition this off-season. They are actually considering it an option to give Gordon Major League starts…

For some reason Don Mattingly truly is considering it, as he said in an article from Steve Dilbeck of the LA Times:

I like platoons, it gets you a good matchup usually. It keeps those guys both involved, keeps them fresh so they’re even better off the bench. I think it would be good for him because then you’re giving him a chance to play, getting him favorable matchups, but also keeping him strong and rested. As someone who hasn’t played much in a couple years. I could see that being a possibility if he ends up as one of those guys.”

Even with some elite speed, it’s hard to imagine Gordon offering any type of upside that would justify taking time away from Guerrero. Sure, Guerrero is unproven, but he at least offers some upside, something Gordon just plain does not.

It might be that Gordon is carving out a career for himself as a skinnier, faster Yuniesky Betancourt.

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