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NBA D-League to give in-game technical fouls for flopping

The War on Flopping continues.

In an attempt to discourage players from bringing their thespian talents to the court, the NBA has made an effort — albeit a minimal and inconsistent one — to crack down on flopping these past few seasons. However, the fining policy instituted last season hasn’t curtailed the practice, so now the powers that be will try experimenting with a new idea in the NBA D-League.

Let’s get technical:

The NBA Development League will begin assessing technical fouls for in-game flopping, league President Dan Reed announced today. The technical foul penalty for flopping will begin to be implemented in games played on Thursday, Feb. 20, and will continue through the completion of the 2013-14 NBA D-League season.


Application of the new experimental flopping rule will involve NBA D-League officials assessing technical fouls to any player who, in their judgment, has flopped. Officials will be required to confirm all flopping calls on instant replay monitors. The instant replay review will be conducted at the first timeout or quarter break following the flop call, and if confirmed, the technical foul will be assessed at that time. Any flopping calls made in the game’s last two minutes will be reviewed and assessed immediately.

Hopefully the new rule will — *gets nudged in shin by cat; topples off chair screaming in agony*

[Source: CBS Sports]

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