Dec 22, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) watches from the bench against the Washington Redskins in the fourth quarter at FedEx Field. The Cowboys won 24-23. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Emmitt Smith says Dallas Cowboys putting too much pressure on Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys are entering a season in which they need a lot of good things to happen, and cannot afford another season that ends with anything short of a deep playoff run. Cowboys fans know this, current player know this and even former players know that this is the situation for Dallas.

Emmitt Smith knows a thing or two about deep playoff runs and he thinks the Cowboys are putting too much pressure on Tony Romo to get them on a run and aren’t focused enough on a balanced attack.

Per the Dallas Morning News:

“I think the Dallas Cowboys are too enamored with the passing game,” Smith said during a Tuesday phone interview. “They’re putting too much pressure on our quarterback and not enough balance on the running game to alleviate some of that pressure in the passing game.”

Of course, Smith is a bit biased towards the running game for obvious reasons but he has a point in his critique. The Cowboys rely on Romo for everything, which is expected of a franchise quarterback but getting him the proper help to succeed is needed.

A running game is essential in the NFL, even if it’s a passing league. There’s no saying the Cowboys will commit more to the run, but the record needs to be changed if they want to win.


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  • SmartThinking

    The poor darlin’s making $100M+!!! He can stand a little pressure. I don’t care if he is 34 years old and coming off two back operations. If you take the money, you put your body and soul out there and risk the consequences. Otherwise, he can try to make $100M playing dominoes. Maybe there won’t be any pressure there.

    • Old Frog

      Or golf…but I do agree we need a stronger running game.

      • Chad

        What’s frustrating is that Murray had an outstanding year. The coaching staff turned their backs at crucial times on a guy that averaged 5.1 YPC in favor of making Romo earn that contract instead of playing smart. I’m starting to think more like you on the OL 1st pick. Give Tony more protection and see if we can get Demarco to 1500 yards this season.

        • JoeDaBeast

          Fully agree. No clue on why they go away from running the ball when it is effective. Also, I hope I am not the only one that picked up on when Emmitt said “our” Quaterback.

  • D Harris

    I think it is Romo’s fault that he passes so much. He needs to stay with the run call and stop throwing interceptions.