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Jan 5, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore (21) prior to the 2013 NFC wild card playoff football game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: San Francisco 49ers won't ask Frank Gore to take pay cut

The NFL is a ‘what have you done for me lately’ sort of league and it’s a league very unkind to players who are over-the-hill. It’s not that the game doesn’t respect these players, it’s just when you’ve been used up as much as you can be, you’re discarded and replaced with fresh legs.

However, some players carve out a certain amount of respect with their teams and it appears that Frank Gore is one of those players. Despite being in the exact position of a player who is tossed aside and asked to give money back, Matt Barrows from the Sacramento Bee reports that the Niners aren’t expected to ask Gore to take a pay cut this offseason.

But his lofty praise of Gore, coupled with the fact the 49ers are healthy when it comes to the salary cap,were hints that no request would be made.

This is going to possibly make some offseason moves tough, but it’s nice to know that the 49ers value their work horses. Gore has already put plenty into the 49ers, and it wouldn’t be right to ask for him to put in even more than he already is — and the 49ers don’t appear as though they will.

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