The Wyatt Family vs The Shield will take place on Sunday at the Elimination Chamber.

Sheamus talks about The Wyatt Family vs The Shield match up

It’s about time the WWE creative team listened to the WWE Universe. A stare down that caused fans to erupt during a RAW event in the UK between The Shield and The Wyatt Family while CM Punk and Daniel Bryan stood ringside.

Ever since The Wyatt Family debuted, I’ve wanted them to cross paths with the self proclaimed ‘Hounds of Justice’. It’s a bit of an NXT dream match up that would have been beautiful to see during the Attitude Era.

Now Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns will lead their team/followers into Sunday night’s match up. This is my match of the night, just in case anybody was wondering.

Earlier today I posted an article about Sheamus praising William Regal and Fit Finlay during an interview. Sheamus was asked some questions regarding the WWE Elimination Chamber pay per view on Sunday and this match up happened to be brought up.

Here’s what the former WWE/World Heavyweight Champion had to say about these six future stars who are getting ready to go to war in just two days. Let’s begin with what he had to say about The Shield:

“First of all The Shield, being a great fantastic unit, and you’ve got three fantastic individuals. You’ve got Seth Rollins very creative, very athletic type of guy. Very creative. You’ve got Dean Ambrose, really really cool character, real quirky, and just a great throwback. You know what I mean, the Roddy Piper. I know people compare him to Roddy all the time. A great character. And you’ve got Roman Reigns who has the look, he’s jacked, he’s athletic, he’s powerful. So you’ve got a great combination together in The Shield that work so well together.” Sheamus on The Shield vs

Now Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family:

“And of course you’ve got The Wyatts, who are more of a unit themselves together, you know what I mean. But they’re all just great phenomenal characters. I mean the promos that Bray cuts and just the creepy Rowan guy, who by the way is not my Dad, he is not my Father, and Luke Harper, who I’ve been in the ring with as well, who’s aggressive as you can get, he may as well be European. It’s just a great unit, a great match. People wanna see that match as much as the Chamber.” Sheamus on The Wyatt Family via

When it comes to the winner of this match, it’s too hard to call. I just know that this is going to be the best match on the card. It may get more attention than the Elimination Chamber match itself.

Now I want to hear from you, WWE Universe. Who walks away from the Elimination Chamber pay per view victorious? The Wyatt Family or The Shield.

Sound off in the comment section below.

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