Former WWE Superstar Nelson Frazier, Jr. aka Big Daddy V.

TMZ drops the ball on Nelson Frazier, Jr.'s death

Just three days ago, Nelson Frazier, Jr. aka King Mabel aka Viscera aka Big Daddy V passed away after suffering a heart attack. I was a big fan of Viscera mainly because of how big the guy was. I was always a fan of the bigger guys, no matter the role they played with the company.

Guys like Yokozuna, Viscera himself, Vader, Rikishi, etc. have always been my favorite because of their size. You’re used to seeing thinner guys with sculpted bodies dominating the squared circle, but there was always one guy in the locker room who didn’t look like your typical professional wrestler.

That’s what I respected the most when it came to these guys. And not only were they big, but they were still able to move in the ring and work matches that ran anywhere between five to 15 plus minutes almost every night.

So it was a little upsetting to hear that Viscera passed away, especially at a young age. My Mother just turned 44 years old today.

Now according to, TMZ has apparently made a tasteless joke/comment about Big Daddy V’s death. reports that a representative of TMZ wrote the following message on their Facebook page in an article they linked:

“Obviously, the weight loss came too late…or it was too much too quick. R.I.P.”

I think those who work with TMZ get way too comfortable and just type whatever pops into their heads. It was disrespectful, but it’s done and over with now.

Pretty tasteless.


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