Vikings’ Mike Zimmer says players rave about his son, LB coach

The Minnesota Vikings have a new head coach in Mike Zimmer. He has pulled a Shanahan and has his son, Adam, working as a linebacker’s coach.

“I think we’re always father-and-son, to an extent, you know,” Zimmer said on Friday. “His office is way on the other end of mine, and so what I’ll do is I’ll take a break and I’ll just walk over there to his office and I say, ‘How you doing?’”

Adam has been getting some praise from the players as well.

“My son, Adam, is brilliant,” Zimmer said. “I’ve always told everybody he’s smarter than me, better person than me, everything about him. And that’s kind of what dads want anyway, right?

“But the players tell me how good he is. The coaches that are there in Minnesota, they say, ‘Wow, Adam knows his stuff like (crazy), he says it just like you,’ all these different things. That to me is what makes me feel good about it.”

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  • Don Andrew Halvorson

    Our coaching staff is freaking jacked. Some people are saying that Spielman has weak drafts, but I see a team built on youth with a ton of cap space with almost no bloated contracts. Free agents have been mostly busts, but he can shake that off this year and get some respect by signing Verner.

  • David Mallow

    I couldn’t agree more. I think there is a ton of talent on this roster. Especially, Smith, Rhodes, Floyd, Patterson, Kalil, Griffen, Rudolph, Hodges, Mauti, Cole…if they get the best from the guys thats mostly already shown what they have to work with, they could be amazing…and those are just the main guys ..I’m stoked about this season, and the future of this team