Former WWE/World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus.

WWE's Sheamus praises William Regal and Fit Finlay

This Sunday the WWE will be having an Elimination Chamber match with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship up for grabs. This match features six WWE Superstars locked into one giant chamber with four pods, with only one man walking out victorious.

The Elimination Chamber match is probably one of the more entertaining matches to watch when they have the right talent working the card. I know they’ve had a couple Chamber matches with nothing on the line, just threw a match together to live up to the pay-per-views title.

Now former WWE/World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus will be involved in this match up. Sheamus returned to the Royal Rumble after missing a decent amount of time due to having surgery. Well now that the Celtic Warrior is back, he’s prepared to knock Randy Orton off of the top of the mountain and be the face of the company.

The other day Sheamus sat down during an interview to talk about this Sunday’s match up. He spoke with The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show and discussed a couple topics including The Wyatt Family taking on The Shield.

But one part of the interview that really caught my eye, was him giving praise to those who mentored him. Guys like William Regal and Fit Finlay both deserved to be World Heavyweight Champion at one point in their career. Both companies just had other guys who had “what they were looking for.”, so they were passed up.

Here’s what Sheamus had to say in the interview about these two future Hall of Fame wrestlers:

“People don’t really know about this, but William Regal has been a fantastic mentor to me, him and Fit Finlay have been tremendous mentors to me in my time with the WWE. Everyone talks about Triple H, Triple H has been a great help but on the road from day one, Regal has been the one who’s helped me. Arn Andrerson too, as well.” Sheamus said in an interview via

On a side note, I honestly believe that Bob Holly aka Hardcore Holly should have held the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship in his career.

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