Obsessed with Rankings: 10 Best NFL Scouting Combine Performances

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The NFL is obsessed with rankings. Each week there’s another “Top 10 Most Elitist Elite Quarterbacks” or something going around, even in the offseason. It’s crazy considering the fact that the NFL isn’t even driven by rankings.

There are “Power Rankings” that go on from every media outlet during the season but those don’t really count for much. The only numbers that count are the wins/losses and then ultimately the final scores of the games. But, for some reason, we still have to rank and then put each ranking into perspective.

For my part I will rank just about everything and anything I can think of NFL-related just to feed into the obsession even more.

I love the NFL Combine. While I think that it’s very overblown in its importance as it relates to a players’ draft-ability, I enjoy watching just for the sheer entertainment value of it. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with watching a bunch of guys run around the turf doing drills in their underwear.

Plus, who can resist the lineman running the 40? Without fail, every year, there are guys that utterly blow away the competition in the Combine and either establish their name as a draftable commodity, or enhance it.

Here are my ranking of the top 10 best NFL Combine performances of all time.

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