Oct 17, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks will give Brandon Browner Super Bowl ring

Brandon Browner sat out a large majority of the NFL season and wasn’t a part of the Seattle Seahawks 13-3 season that they put together and was of no help in their Super Bowl run. Still, despite being injured and suspended, the Seahawks cornerback is still going to receive a postseason paycheck and is going to be getting a Super Bowl ring for the 2013 season.

Per Mike Florio and PFT.com:

Per a league source, Browner recently received a check for $131,000.  Of that amount, $44,000 relates to the NFC title game, and $97,000 arises from his role on the Super Bowl-winning team.

Florio goes on to mention that the CBA prevented Browner from being paid for the Seahawks win over the New Orleans Saints, but didn’t prohibit him from benefits beyond that game.

Luckily for Browner, the Seahawks and plenty of football left after the Divisional Round.

Browner is going to hit free agency this offseason and he’s hardly going to be coveted given the year long ban he faces for his repeated abuse of the substance policy. Still, the Seahawks cornerback is getting the same benefits that his teammates who actually played are getting, as his wallet is fatter and his Super Bowl ring is on its way.

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  • Alan Heddings

    Weed is not a PED…..

  • bonniefletcher

    He certainly helped them get there. Good example of this organization. One of the reasons we are such devoted fans, they always have your back.

  • john

    Bad article first of all he was there to help for eight important games , and he did not do peds this report should be deleted from the internet idiot

  • KR

    The fact that you have featured work on SI.com, FOXSports.com, ESPN.com, and CBSSports.com, shows me why I need to be paying less attention to all of these media outlets.

    Worst excuse for “journalism” I’ve seen in ages. Biased and bitter, much? Suspended for PEDs? Weed is not a PED, but i’m sure you know that already, given you are a responsible journalist, right?


  • Myron Bernard

    I think it was Silver with NFL.com who broke the story of Browner being suspended for the year. On his first report he inaccurately reported it as PEDs. It wasn’t PEDs, it was weed. Now every so called “article’ like this continues to misinform. Get the facts straight please.

  • TB

    Classy move by the Seahawks. The NFL went overboard handing out a 1-year suspension for a first-time marijuana offense. Great to see Browner will at least get a ring.

  • j. mitch

    Thank you SEAHAWKS for doing the right thing. In life we all do thing we wish we could take back. I wish BB the best. Who knows he might make his way back to the SEAHAWKS. Until good luck to you.

  • Craig Watkins

    The responses here are on point! Weed has never been a PED. Great job calling out the author on such hypocritical reporting!

  • Stephen Hafner

    What about Sidney Rice? Even though he was injured the whole season, would he still get a ring and winner’s money?