Feb 7, 2014; Sochi, RUSSIA; Olympic mascot Bely Mishka during the opening ceremony for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games at Fisht Olympic Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

2014 Sochi Olympics: Sochi bear mascot cries, blows out flame during Closing Ceremony (Video)

The 2014 Sochi Olympics were pretty impressive – at least in terms of the games.

But there were plenty of oddities which include the extremely strange conditions (especially when the games opened), the relatively mild weather and – yes – the thing haunting your nightmares, the Sochi Bear mascot.

The mascot of the games was seen at nearly every event and even went as far as taunting the United States’ men’s hockey team during their crushing loss to Finland.

But that wasn’t the highlight of Sochi Bear’s two week run at the top of the world – nope – that came today when the mascot began crying at the Closing Ceremony.

The blowup, massively huge, animatrionic version of the mascot greeted fans, athletes and volunteers alike and was clearly unhappy to see the games end.

You could even see the tear ‘crush’ his bear fur as it streamed down his face before coming to rest/evaporating on his cheek.

I guess I might cry if my fifteen minutes of fame were over, but no worries Sochi bear – you’ll live on in the nightmares of people across the world.

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  • Dolores Carlson

    Shame on you, I love that bear. I even purchased one. Did someone terrorize you with a teddy bear as a child, you big, brave adult?

  • Maria Jorjezian

    the bear was adorable! <3 my aunt and i got goose bumps when it blew out the flame…it was the cutest thing ever

  • Sergey

    I am russian, and I am surprised why the English-language media called our bear is nightmare.
    May blame this Broadcast by BBC where directors chose not the most successful camera angles and close-up abused. I advise everyone who liked the closing ceremony to see Russian translation. you can finf it by google search “[Первый HD] (2014) HDTVRip 720р”

  • Sergey

    did not get a win over Russia in a fair fight so decides offend our mascots?
    you think it’s a worthy act?
    moderator, will you delete the message again?