Dec 22, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) talks with Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett (R) during a timeout against the Washington Redskins in the fourth quarter at FedEx Field. The Cowboys won 24-23. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Jason Garrett to have no say in Dallas Cowboys offense?

The Dallas Cowboys made some interesting offseason moves with their coaching staff and they got a little more odd today. Though it’s not what the Cowboys did as much as what the Cowboys aren’t going to let happen.

According to owner Jerry Jones (via Clarence Hill), head coach Jason Garrett will have no say in the Dallas Cowboys offense for the 2014 season.

Jerry jones said Garett will have no say on offense in 2014. Linehan will final say offense. Romo will also have more power, per jones

The lack of time on offense will allow him to spend more time with the defense, something that Jones wanted.

Now – it’s possible that Garrett and Jones may have had a discussion about this and the head coach was okay with it. Though, it’s certainly a little odd to see a team owner all but telling a head coach you won’t have any role in the team’s offense.

Hill mentions that offensive coordinator Bill Callahan had a problem with Garrett calling plays last season.

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  • SmartThinking

    The poor guy is, quite literally, a red-headed stepchild.

    According to Jones, Garrett will have “0″ input in offensive play calling so he can focus on the defense. So, what’s the brand new defensive coordinator, Marinelli, supposed to be? And, while we’re at it, what’s the new ‘Reserve Director of Defense But Really Just on Staff Until They Can Push Him Out’ Kiffin supposed to be doing?

    So, where’s Garrett fit in again?

  • Scott.

    As the world turns in Jones’ soap opera. Question Jerry. Why was that important to announce? I have a noble idea for you. Walk past the microphone and if it doesn’t attack you, don’t say a word…. Nothing like Jerry throwing Garrett under the press conference bus and having to answer 100 questions about Jerry’s last ill willed statement,

  • Old Frog

    So if the team’s offense falters, it stands to reason Jason will have zero culpability as well. Sounds like a justification to keep him around even if the team does poorly. Sorry JG haters.

  • Chesney Blair

    AKA ginger minger with no heart is out.

  • terence

    I hate jerry go and retire already!!!!!