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Chicago White Sox have big, bulky sluggers

The Chicago White Sox have some big men in their lineup. Slugger Paul Konerko, whose better days are behind him, likes the bulkiness of the team.

Not necessarily for baseball purposes, though (quotes from Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago):

No predictions, but I feel good in a bench-clearer,” Konerko said. “I don’t know if we’ll win, but I don’t feel like we’ll get it taken to us…I walked into SoxFest and the weight room, I thought I walked into the Bears’ offseason training facility.”

The players to whom he is referring? Adam Dunn, Avisail Garcia, and newly acquired Jose Abreu. Besides being intimidating in the locker room, Konerko does believe this collective bulk will translate on the field.

It’s such a tool, talking about playing every day, when you have that size and strength…it’s like a pitcher who throws hard. You still gotta hit your spots, but you can get away with so much when you throw hard. Some of these guys are so big and strong. They are good. But when they’re not they’ll still get away with it because of how big and strong they are.”

Given the fact that the White Sox play in the American League in a pretty lively ballpark, this type of power does have a chance to translate well. Unfortunately for Konerko and the team, they will need a lot more than that to climb out of the bottom of the AL Central.

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