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Michael Sam has brilliant response to lobbyist’s bill to ban gay players from the NFL

On Monday, a report surfaced about a D.C. lobbyist, Jack Burkman, who decided he wanted to propose a bill to ban gay players from the NFL. The bill comes just over a week after former Missouri Tigers star Michael Sam came out as an openly gay athlete.

While Sam could be discouraged by the poor response from an ignorant lobbyist, he used the moment as an opportunity to show off his wit and remind us all why he is an easy guy to root for.

Sam took to Twitter to resond to Burkman with a brilliant response that included a solid Back to the Future reference.

While Burkman was likely hoping to have everyone on his side and get support for the bill, he quickly learned that being educated and likable is a better way to get your point across and get people in your corner.

Sam nailed it and Burkman comes away looking even sillier than he looked as soon as he began spewing his ignorance.

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