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Mike Cammalleri Offered Contract Extension By Calgary Flames

All the trade rumors surrounding Mike Cammalleri might all be for nothing. According to the Calgary Flames website, they have offered Cammalleri a new contract.

Flames President of Hockey Operations and interim General Manager Brian Burke spoke to Sportnet 960 The Fan today and offered this tidbit of information.

“We’ve offered him an extension… We have not gotten a deal done. We will continue to talk and a trade is a possibility, no question about that, but re-signing him is a possibility, too. I wound not predict how that will come out. We’ll see.

“We have not set a drop-dead date. We have not set that date. We have had discussions with Mike and with his agent, both in person. The last meeting I had was with Mike and his agent. Mike has been great for us. He’s been a disciple of what we’re trying to do. He’s been good with the young kids. He’s worked his tail off.”

Cammalleri has looked to be the Flames biggest trade chip entering the last week before NHL Trade Deadline. Holding onto Cammalleri will set them back in terms of getting assets in return, but as Burke points out, he is a good leader for the Flames young players.

Cammalleri had this to say about the contract talks.

We’ve been talking… Brian has presented an offer that way. I guess we’ll continue to talk here. I’m not ignorant to the fact that there’s a deadline coming that might have implications. Brian’s been great as far as being really open and honest and the lines of communication have been good. I’m sure that will continue.

“He has been really good in conversations behind closed doors with myself and my agent. I don’t think it’s fair to shed any light.

“I think that’s more of a private conversation and we could talk over a coffee one day about that, but it’s not something for in front of the cameras. [It's] probably something we’ll keep in private conversation.”

Burke and the Flames have already re-signed Matt Stajan and Kris Russell this season. Once thought to be a team that would trade a lot of their soon to be free agents, they seem to holding to as many as they can.

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