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Scott Boras thinks Stephen Drew, Kendrys Morales both good fits for Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays made a number of big, splashy moves last off-season. This year has been quiet, and that lack of activity recently sparked a scathing string of comments from super-agent Scott Boras in which he called out Toronto’s ownership and accused them, effectively, of sitting on a pile of money they could be spending on more players.

Maybe that was one in a series of public moves from Boras, as he has now taken to the air waves to make the case that the Blue Jays should sign two of his clients: Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales.

Ben Nicholson-Smith of SportsNet passes along the story. Boras explains that Drew is still a fit for Toronto despite the fact that they already have Jose Reyes in the shortstop spot:

He would play second base if the club came and made the position a long-term one for him.”

Making Drew a long-time offer to be their second baseman of the future would be…creative, to say the least. As for Morales?

They need a right-handed bat particularly in their DH area to answer a deficiency they have with Lind where he hits right-handed pitching well, but not left-handed pitching…There are teams looking for a player like Lind who has contract control and is someone who would probably bring back a good pitcher.”

To recap: Boras believes that the Blue Jays should sign Drew to play second base long term and that they should sign Morales and then trade Adam Lind for a pitcher.

It’s just that simple, right? You know, this free agent compensation system might finally be getting to Boras.

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