Tony Romo was 'absolutely ecstatic' over Scott Linehan hire

The Dallas Cowboys hired Scott Linehan early in the offseason to help improve the team’s offense and get them to the level that the talent on their roster suggests they should be. While some were wondering whether or not the Linehan hire could affect the Cowboys offensive chemistry, it appears that quarterback Tony Romo is fully on board with the decision.

According to team owner Jerry Jones, Romo was “absolutely ecstatic” over the hire.

“Romo was a tremendous supporter of Bill Callahan (last season’s play caller). He was absolutely ecstatic over us getting Linehan. He had serious discussions with Detroit’s quarterback (Matt Stafford) and got  a great feel for Linehan’s imagination and what Linehan does to maximize skills in the individual players and his flexibility of coming up with schemes within schemes within the base or rules of an offense,” Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“Having said all of that, the most excited guy in the organization was Tony Romo to have the prospect of getting Linehan. And so they will be locked at the hip.”

If Romo can improve his numbers and watch the Cowboys offense take the next step, then he will have plenty more to be excited about rather than just the hire — perhaps a return to the playoffs.

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