The Armchair Quarterback's Guide To The NFL: 2014 Mock Draft

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Let Mock Draft Season Officially Begin

This week’s Armchair Quarterback will be a little different than the norm because with the NFL Combine over it’s officially mock draft season. So this week instead of my usual “Take of the Week” I’m just giving you my first mock draft of the season complete with a few sentences explaining each pick.

I’ve tried my best to study each team for their team needs and spent time looking over the top prospects including watching at least some game footage of everyone in my first round mock. However, I will readily admit that I don’t know your favorite team as well as you do (unless your team is the Chiefs). So if I have your team picking someone at a position that you don’t agree with or you think there is a different player available that would be much better suited for your team, please let me know. I’ll take all that info into account when I release my second version next month. Likewise, if you’re a diehard fan of the college that one of these prospects is from and you think I have evaluated him wrong, let me know.

All criticism/suggestions are welcome. A pet peeve of mine is mock drafts where the person who created it clearly has no knowledge of my favorite team. So help me to not be that person.

The mock draft starts on the next page.

After reading the mock draft don’t forget to check out the “Armchair QB Odds and Ends of the Week” for my beer review of the week (Rogue’s Mocha Porter) plus my rant of the week.

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